Ingestible, Implantable, Embedding Your Mark Of The Beast:2,000-Year-Old Ritual Bath With “Sophisticated Tech” Found In Jerusalem: Mind Control Is Now Reality

Ingestible, Implantable, Or Intimate Contact? Forbes Magazine Wants To Know How You Prefer Advances Toward Embedding Your Mark Of The Beast
Computer chips and silicon micromachines are ready for your body. It’s time to decide how you’ll take them: implantable, ingestible, or intimate contact. Every flavor now exists. Some have FDA approval and some are seeking it. Others are moving quickly out of the research lab stage. With the round one Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize entries due in one year, we’re soon to see a heavy dose of sensors tied to the mobile wireless revolution. Implantable sensors exist for a number of applications, having been used in animals for pet identification for many years. The most recently announced is implanted into animal brains with the long-term goal of enabling humans with paralysis to control machines with their minds. These implantable sensors have this in common: they self-contain what is needed to transmit information from inside your body without batteries and without wires. These are already shown to work; several are now seeking FDA approval. From the perspective of a patient, I suspect you’d accept these inside your body

2,000-Year-Old Ritual Bath With “Sophisticated Tech” Found In Jerusalem
Archaeologists in Jerusalem say they’ve found a 2,000-year-old ritual bath with a sophisticated system to keep water pure, Israel’s Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced. The bath, known as a miqwe or mikveh, was found at a site in southwest Jerusalem’s Kiryat Menachem quarter, and researchers say it had a unique water supply system. The miqwe collected rainwater from three basins, which were cut into the roof of the bath, and sent water into an underground immersion chamber through channels, explained IAA excavation director Benyamin Storchan. Storchan said in a statement that this system was more complex than that of other baths of the same time period, which typically had a small rock-cut pool nearby that supplied rainwater to the underground chamber.

Mind Control Is Now Reality
It’s the stuff of sci-fi movies — mind control, where you just direct your mind to make something happen and it does, such as using your thoughts to mentally control a space ship. But more and more your brain waves have the power to actually manipulate and move objects. The early work on mind control goes back nearly 100 years with the discovery of electroencephalography (popularly known as the EEG) by German psychiatrist Hans Berger, who made the first EEG recordings in 1924 and first reported on the rise and fall of alpha and beta waves. Then, in the 1970s, biofeedback became a big craze, and I went to numerous workshops at Esalen and in San Francisco, where the goal was to relax to increase one’s alpha waves, associated with calm meditation and creative thinking, and reduce one’s beta waves, associated with the everyday awake state and logical thinking.


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