The Comex Confirms That Its Gold and Silver Inventory Reports Are Fraudulent-end game approaches

World Gold News

As things go from bad to worse politically for Barrack Obama and the US government things are hotting up at the comex well they have finally come clean the emperor has no clothes, although the emperor has been  a Laughing stalk for his naked ness many years now they have admitted it publicly what happens next is  it gold to the moon. I think Jim willies take a few years ago is the best scenario that the comex wont die a death of a thousand cuts it will just fade into insignificance(like the country itself is now). With out and out in your face fraud now a daily occurrence in the banking industry with no one with even a remote chance of going to jail and  insider selling at the NY stock exchange all time highs and the public being told that everything is fine(and some of them are starting…

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