Treasonous Obama betrays Israel again to its Enemies U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret

TEL AVIV, Israel — Israel’s military fumed Monday over the discovery that the U.S. government had revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation in published bid requests.

The Obama administration had promised to build Israel a state-of-the-art facility to house a new ballistic-missile defense system, the Arrow 3. As with all Defense Department projects, detailed specifications were made public so that contractors could bid on the $25 million project. The specifications included more than 1,000 pages of details on the facility, ranging from the heating and cooling systems to the thickness of the walls.

“If an enemy of Israel wanted to launch an attack against a facility, this would give him an easy how-to guide. This type of information is closely guarded and its release can jeopardize the entire facility,” said an Israeli military official who commented on the publication of the proposal but declined to be named because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the facility. He declined to say whether plans for the facility have been altered as a result of the disclosure.

“This is more than worrying, it is shocking,” he said.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Wesley Miller said he couldn’t comment on the specifics of the Arrow 3 base, but he said the United States routinely published the details of its construction plans on a federal business opportunities website so that contractors could estimate the costs of jobs. He said such postings often might be revised after contracts were approved.

Israeli officials appear to have been well aware of the danger of outsourcing building projects to the United States. In an interview with the Reuters news agency in March, Lt. Col. Peleg Zeevi, the head of the bidding process at Israel’s Defense Ministry, justified Israel’s long history of relying on the United States to help build military installations by saying that Israel needed “a player that has the knowledge, ability and experience.”

“We are aware of the security issues that arise in deals with foreign firms, but because we want real competition and expertise, we will create conditions that will allow and encourage their participation,” Zeevi said.

It appears, however, that Israeli officials were caught by surprise that details of the facility at Tel Shahar, classified so top secret that Israel’s military won’t officially confirm its location between Jerusalem and Ashdod, would be made so public.

Jane’s Defence Weekly first wrote about the bidding documents, citing them in a story in which it recounted details of the Arrow 3, a defense system designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere that’s expected to become operational in 2015.

According to the bid requests, the Arrow 3 system will include six interceptors in vertical launch positions to be placed in the facility, and a gantry crane would need to be erected for further missiles. The structures encasing the interceptor system are to be constructed from high-grade concrete reinforced with steel mesh grids. They’ll have steel blast doors and a system to protect electrical wiring from the pressure created by a launch.

Israeli officials had announced that they were fast-tracking the Arrow 3 system because of their fear that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon.


4 thoughts on “Treasonous Obama betrays Israel again to its Enemies U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret

  1. One day you print Albert pike and the Third World War now you show Obama betraying Israel cannot be Obama is a puppet for the luciferians which the head is Rothschild dynasty lucifers pope so make up your minds or my suggestion start praying why it is going down the way God said it was but nothing mentioned about him

    • what we have to remember is that there are many layers to the NWO and what they all love to do is betray and kill each other but they all want the nWO to succeed. the plan is to incite war . The people in Israel have no clue what is coming down on them so the rothchild agents must be careful. Obama is telling these secrets which is high treason so the enemies of Israel can take up the scent. Its a bit like when saddam wanted to invade both Iran and kuwait. He asked permission from the USA. in Kuwait they betrayed him . Although afterwards they kept him in power but at a reduced rate. these people know how to play all the sides against each other. Isreal is going to be partly destroyed and invaded.(thats biblical.) we are watching the process in real time. In India during the Indian Mutiny in the 1840-50s the leaders of the rebels many of them were hoping they were defeated and helping the britsh. They could not go against their own people and had to play along. The devil is playing a full deck. The betrayal is multi layered nothing is straight-forward this is how these people work, remember Obama is a communist marxist muslim.

  2. We know that the Jews were thrown into diaspora. We also know they would be called out of their graves (gentile nations) and back home. We also know Israel would once again become a nation in a day, and that this would be the start of a countdown. What else is known is that the world will be against Israel.

    We know this, and we know Albert Pike is not the origin of this information.

    • Your right he is not the originator the originator is his master and god lucifer. Who if one has read morals and dogma by pike which is the bible for masons says their God of light is Lucifer. whether pike wrote it or not the NWO people are following it like a road map, were at the end the next stage is ww3 followed by the true doctrine of Lucifer for all to see.

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