Bilderberg 2013 – Your guide to ‘The Bilderberg Group’ video The week ahead: Bilderberg 2013 comes to … the Grove hotel, Watford

The week ahead: Bilderberg 2013 comes to … the Grove hotel, Watford

Charlie Skelton
London Guardian
June 3, 3013

When you’re picking a spot to hold the world’s most powerful policy summit, there’s really only one place that will do: Watford. I guess the Seychelles must have been booked up.

On Thursday afternoon, a heady mix of politicians, bank bosses, billionaires, chief executives and European royalty will swoop up the elegant drive of the Grove hotel, north of Watford, to begin the annual Bilderberg conference.

It’s a remarkable spectacle – one of nature’s wonders – and the most exciting thing to happen to Watford since that roundabout on the A412 got traffic lights. The area round the hotel is in lockdown: locals are having to show their passports to get to their homes. It’s exciting too for the delegates. The CEO of Royal Dutch Shell will hop from his limo, delighted to be spending three solid days in policy talks with the head of HSBC, the president of Dow Chemical, his favourite European finance ministers and US intelligence chiefs. The conference is the highlight of every plutocrat’s year and has been since 1954. The only time Bilderberg skipped a year was 1976, after the group’s founding chairman, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, was caught taking bribes from Lockheed Martin.

It may seem odd, as our own lobbying scandal unfolds, amid calls for a statutory register of lobbyists, that a bunch of our senior politicians will be holed up for three days in luxurious privacy with the chairmen and CEOs of hedge funds, tech corporations and vast multinational holding companies, with zero press oversight. “It runs contrary to [George] Osborne’s public commitment in 2010 to ‘the most radical transparency agenda the country has ever seen’,” says Michael Meacher MP. Meacher describes the conference as “an anti-democratic cabal of the leaders of western market capitalism meeting in private to maintain their own power and influence outside the reach of public scrutiny”.

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Bilderberg 2013 will be held at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire, England. It’s a gathering of some of the world’s most powerful and influential people. As such, Truthloader will be attending – sort of. We’ll be at the new ‘press area’ away from the actual conference with the rest of the journalists and activists interested in what takes place there.

We wanted to make a video about who the Bilderberg are, some of the theories that surround them, and what we THINK goes on there.




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