Their Ordo Ab Chao Escalating In Dying Dollar And Rise Of New World Currency

Their Ordo Ab Chao Escalating In Dying Dollar And Rise Of New World Currency
We are seeing the advent of the new currency order. There will be a number of more or less equal blocks: a dollar zone, a Yuan/BRICS zone and the euro, with the Yen and the Pound as lesser entities. These will later be able to converge to even more ‘cooperation’, in the Money Power’s relentless march towards World Currency. These units will be at least partially Gold backed, implying long term deflationary pressures. Central Banks are buying Gold in major quantities, creating the interesting question why Gold prices have not risen in the last 18 months. The problem for the United States will be to manage the transition. Trillions of dollars that will no longer be needed will have to be repatriated and this will lead to very strong inflationary pressures at home. It is unclear how the Fed is going to…

Ordo Ab Chao Leaves Everyone Scratching Heads, Trying To Figure Out What’s Happening In World Markets
Something’s up. Everyone can tell. But nobody is quite sure what it is. Around the world, markets aren’t behaving quite like they were just a week or so ago. Notably: * Bonds have been selling off in the US. Interest rates have been shooting up. The volume of US Treasury selling is enormous. * The dollar is surging. * European sovereign bond yields are diving. * Japan has crashed. * Commodity currencies (like the Aussie dollar) have been getting clubbed. So what’s going on? Now, it may well be the case that we’re simply experiencing a risk-off period, although I’m not sure equity and commodities markets would agree with that fully. Neither is the UST sell-off the first thing that springs to mind when discussing the dreaded risk-off. A theory, which is a bit closer to my heart is what Paul Krugman put in his blog today but again the USD is not really rallying…

No Savior In Sight, Says The Telegraph As World Credit Cycle Rolls Over
Any country that has failed to lock in a self-sustaining recovery by now must expect to pay the price for the failings of its policy establishment, and some risk a slide into outright deflation. “We see building evidence of a cyclical downturn,” said Fredrik Nerbrand, HSBC’s global asset guru. “We find it highly troubling that the eurozone is still marred in a recession at the same time as our cyclical indicators appear to have peaked.” The bank said there is a market “disconnect” between the world’s gloomy outlook and talk of tapering by the US Federal Reserve, the supposed moment when it starts to wind down its $85bn of monthly bond purchases. It is surprising to me that HSBC’s leading indicator has taken so long to buckle, since commodities topped in September and the Dutch CPB index of world trade contracted over the February-March period. Rarely has there ever been such an equity boom on such quicksand.


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