Jim Willie: Coming to a Climax with Gold at $7,000 per Ounce

http://usawatchdog.com/bank-run-happe… Jim Willie of GoldenJackass.com says, “Before, they were talking about stress tests. Now, they realize that all of them in the past were a fraud. So, they are talking about ‘bail-ins’ because they are expecting failures.” Dr. Willie contends, “It’s all coming to a climax where gold is going to be central with a gold-trade central bank and gold priced at $7,000 per ounce.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Willie, Editor of The Hat Trick Letter



10 thoughts on “Jim Willie: Coming to a Climax with Gold at $7,000 per Ounce

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  2. So you think he is wrong? HaHAHaHaaaaa! You are REALLY out of it! Good luck to you and your silly comments!

  3. Anybody else getting sick and tired of hearing how silver and gold will skyrocket? Meanwhile, the $25K silver I bought a few months back, when it was $30 an ounce, has considerably depreciated and continues to do so.

    • this is how the bankers always do it they view wealth differently its a generational thing. and they dont look at prices of silver only the weight. when everyone thinks silver is dead it will sky rocket they know everyone is onto them so their plan is to endure lower prices longer than everyone else. we are all sick of the manipulation. Paper money is loosing value even quicker just no one is measuring it. If you go to the shops everything is up on average 15-10% at least. thats a 20-20% loss year on year for paper money and I am being conservative. hang onto the silver stop worrying about th e price or sell it and be done.

    • If the paper price of silver is scaring you, sell it on e-bay. It is selling for over/under 30 per ounce as of today.

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  5. Dan,

    If you purchased your gold and silver as an investment, you’re just plain stupid. PM’s should never be considered as investments but rather as insurance.

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