Darpas newest robot following on from big dog now we have a big freaking cow.

In an update to the latest DARPA robotic cow, normally programmed  to carry supplies and gear for military troops, it is becoming apparent that a mad cow aggressive version of the new generation will have sensitivity to chase people through any terrain/environment.

As shown as evidence in the video below, a spokesman tries to cow tip, push the robotic heffer over with no luck. A regular cow may be dangerous, but a programmed cow can be deadlier. The weight of this behemoth can literally crush a human under its weight!

If a human decides to play dead on the ground, the robotic cow will know you are faking it and will crush you by relaxing itself on top of you and turns off in rest mode. Soon there will be added jaws of steel and razor blades as teeth for it to feast  and graze on your fragile human body after all the miles you have tried to outrun from this vicious predator.

when we think these things are years of and this is just the prototype think again always remember whatever they show us is always years behind what they already have . With  literally billions to spend on these projects if they came out and showed us the most advanced robot people would freak out so they must incrementally show you the old prototypes. Once the civil war does start the new generation of robots and super soldiers which they already have will be used to hunt and kill any quarry whatever the terrain.  Steve Quayle has already told us they have computers at the sub atomic level we know they have anti-gravity machines and are hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of what we think is modern technology. There is the possibility they may have time machines and god knows what else(think star wars and star trek combined). So ya thunk they dont have killer working and more advanced killer robots like these already on the production line ready to be made en mass imagine this monster with an impressive array of weapons. The thing these freaks who make these things do not realize is no matter what they do God has seen this already and he is in control, we will win if we stay the course run the race its a marathon not a sprint.


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