In one of the original Planet of the Apes films you can see the head of the Statue of Liberty sticking up out of the sand on the beach. The implication is that America and the world have been destroyed through some kind of terrible holocaust. There are powerful multi-dimensional forces moving through the American matrix which can only be perceived through enhanced sensory input, something like a bionic eye, or a future version of Google Glass. It has been said that ideas have consequences and it is true that a single idea is more powerful than any economy or military. Today America and the world are built upon the platform of ideas, philosophies, and belief systems. 

I do not elevate Americanism or America above God or the Kingdom of God. However, to whatever imperfect degree, the American Dream has been a light to the nations. But we must admit that there has often been a great disparity between the reality of America and the American Dream. It is fairly obvious that many of the ideas that our society is operating under do not work, and the evidence is the social, culture, economic and human results of those ideas. How do we find new ideas and new answers to our problems?The reality is that the answers we are seeking have been censored from us and kept under lock and key in the deep vaults of the multi-dimensional universe and inside of our DNA. The elites and the self-appointed gate-keepers of the human mind have completely shut down all perception-programming which allows us to understand the multi-dimensional nature of reality. In addition, they have hypnotized us, preventing us from seeing the Laws of the Universe or the Laws of God, which are in every man. The result is that like blind men, and despite our technology, we stumble around in the dark. The gate-keepers have a vested interest in not wanting the masses to know where these vaults are hidden in the fourth dimension, because that is where their power comes from. Again, it’s kind of like the Planet of the Apes movies where the protagonist is riding on the beach and sees the head of the Statue of Liberty. At that moment we realize that a lot of stuff has been hidden.

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