whatever you do dont mention islam Another Attempted Beheading? French Soldier Stabbed In Throat

In an attack today on a French soldier,  authorities are so far unable to link the soldier being stabbed in the throat by a man wearing a jilbab to the recent beheading attack in London that killed a soldier there. However, authorities are looking at all possibilities as the ‘attacker’ in France is still at large. The story below from LeParisien.:

Reportedly, a man brought a knife to the throat of a soldier in vigipirate mission in the business district of La Defense

A Vigipirate military mission in the business district of La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine) was stabbed, including throat with a knife on Saturday by a man currently in hiding. According to our information, the attack occurred in the late afternoon, about 18 hours near the Virgin store, located on the huge square of La Defense.

Wounded in the throat, he was initially treated at a local of the RATP close before being hospitalized. His life is not in danger. The abuser was trailing him. Police described him as a man of North African type, aged about 30 years. It is with a beard, a black jacket and a light colored jilbab.

Chief State has also refused to make a connection with the murder of a British soldier on Wednesday in London . Two men killed the soldier with a knife in the street claiming to be witnesses “in the name of Allah.” The British government felt that it was an act “clearly a terrorist nature” . He also said “we must look at all the assumptions”


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