US military fears taking on Assad’s troops in drawn-out Syrian war, says Bob Carr Syria: Assad regime is making gains and ‘planning a major push’


Senator Carr spoke with the refugees during a visit to their camp in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, on the border with Syria.

The refugees urged Senator Carr to back military intervention to bring the civil war in Syria to an end.

“Why doesn’t the outside world intervene to put an end to the killing in Syria?” one woman asked.

Senator Carr replied: “I think the big powers are afraid of getting involved in another war in an Islamic country. They’re afraid of that.

“They think it’ll be a drawn-out war of attrition, and I hear that not even the American armed forces want to take those risks with the strength of the Assad army.” what he didnt mention is that the powers at B being the source of her misery have no intention of helping alleviate her suffering their god Lucifer feeds on death and destruction so therefore like any junkie wishes the conflict and pain to increase.

The women responded that even a world war would be better than what they have been living through. The Senator another puppet of the new world order couldnt care less of course because this is all in the plan for a NWO, He cant wait to get back to washington away from the stink of these poor people.

“But isn’t what’s happening in Syria a war in itself?” one asked.

“The amputated children, the raped women – where is the humanitarian consideration?” the senator looked at her and secretly smiled. Thank God (lucifer) its not me he thought.

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Syria: Assad regime is making gains and ‘planning a major push’


Recent military victories have severed rebel supply and retreat routes, allowing the regime to plan a major push to to crush divided opposition forces, a senior British security source told The Daily Telegraph.

“The Syrian opposition funded by the west  is doing badly and there is a risk of [further] defeats, although Assad cannot ultimately win,” the useless source said.

The Syrian National Coalition met in Istanbul on Thursday in a further attempt to create a unified opposition. But it is badly split over a choice of leader, a choice of interim prime minister, and whether or not to take part in a peace conference planned for Geneva some time next month. The conference would take place a year after a transition plan was first agreed by international powers in the Swiss capital, only to be ignored as civil war spread. The SNC acknowledged but showed no signs of accepting a proposal by the outgoing leader, Moaz al-Khatib, for Mr Assad to hand over power to his vice-president, who would oversee a 100-day transition.

The regime would also be unlikely to accept this deal at present, partly because it feels it has the diplomatic as well as military impetus. It retains the support of Russia at the UN, while Iran and Hizbollah are providing substantial armed assistance. The west is panicking since russia sent new missiles to the Syrians is planning its next move of destabilizing the region and the assassination of Assad if it can get anyone close enough to him.

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