Now force Google to block sick websites of hatred: After Woolwich horror, MPs demand action from internet giants even though this had nothing to do with the internet.


Thousands of videos which help radicalise young men are easily available
Search engines and social media rely on users to ‘flag up’ offensive material

Internet giants were last night slammed for refusing to remove extremist websites.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo must do more to shut down hate-filled sites in the wake of the Woolwich attack, MPs said.

Thousands of videos which help to radicalise impressionable young men are easily available on YouTube.

And within hours of the execution of Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, vile messages praising the attack and encouraging further outrages appeared on Twitter.

Police have seized computers since Wednesday’s atrocity and are still investigating if the two fanatics who beheaded the soldier were indoctrinated by online terror videos. Michael Adebolajo, 28, was radicalised by a banned extremist group whose members use the internet to recruit impressionable young men.

Search engines and social media websites say they rely on members of the public to ‘flag up’ incendiary material. But critics last night called for more investment to be used to stop the spread of radical videos.

In other developments yesterday:

  • A 31-year-old man was arrested at 9.30pm in London on suspicion of terrorism offences, the charge is not related to the murder of Lee Rigby
  • In a meaningless gesture to gain publicity RAF fighters were scrambled over London to intercept a jet we wonder if the people this time are stupid enough to swallow stupid political publicity stunts.

British MPs some of the best actors and impersonators in the world were jumping at the bit to seem a bit more relevant although thats impossible by calling for google to ban hate filled sites. What we ask do they consider hate filled sites. Of course we can look at sites which promote killing of westerners and those which recruit terrorists. But is that were they will stop. The British government the most anti-christian and anti freedom government in the west will no doubt use this crises to further the aims of the NWO bankers to kill of websites which are as they see fit anti government or criticise government. We have seen how Micheal savage was banned from Britain a few years ago during the Labour government, this has not been revoked he is still on the BANNED  list for his outspoken pro american anti-liberal stance. these hypocrite thieves in Westminster who call for austerity for the people and are now demanding a 20% pay rise are now calling for Google to ban free speech in the name of saving more lives.when the person responsible for this murder was radicalized locally in a mosque and not on the internet.
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2 thoughts on “Now force Google to block sick websites of hatred: After Woolwich horror, MPs demand action from internet giants even though this had nothing to do with the internet.

  1. THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT,are and always have been TERRORISTS,theres never been a day when someone who died in england,THAT THE GOVERNMENT wasn’t involved some way,and nothing is new about them terrorizing the citizens of england to steal something from them, INCLUDING THEIR RIGHTS AND FREEDOM,lets face it, INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS RUN ENGLAND and always have,thats why they TOOK THEIR GUNS,and its the same reason they want americas guns,ONLY WE AIN’T GOING TO GIVE THEM OURS……………..and the days coming when we will have all our streets decorated with TRAITORS AND BOOTSTOMPING NAZI’s……………………………….YEA…………………………………

  2. HEY, I BET ALL THE MODERATORS,and terrorists in our government love the IDEA of taking away the internet,ONLY IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN,without a lot of terrorist blood being spilled,and thats something ALL YOU CENSORS,MODERATORS,and just plain braindead government agents might want to think about ..(if your brain still works,which I doubt)..MY guess is you would rather be dead then do the right thing…….and trust me your name is on a piece of paper somewhere,so don’t think no one knows who you are…….the streets of america,are about to run red with the blood of government agents,everywhere in america………….

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