BRITISH GOVERNMENT MOVES QUICKLY TO SILENCE TRUTH: Woolwich attack: Michael Adebolajo’s friend arrested after claiming suspect was asked to spy for MI5

The fanatic bragged he was approached to turn informant six months ago but refused, a friend has claimed

Raving: Michael Adebolajo after Woolwich attack

One of the fanatics accused of killing soldier Lee Rigby was asked to spy for MI5, a friend claimed yesterday.

Michael Adebolajo, 28, bragged he was approached to turn informant six months ago but refused.

His pal Abu Nusaybah wrote on Twitter: “Did u know­ Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was approached by MI5 Just over 6months ago to work as a Spy, He refused ?”

Mr Nusaybah was later interviewed on BBC’s Newsnight where he repeated his claims.

But as he finished, he was dramatically led away by three counter terrorism officers.

Last night Scotland Yard confirmed “a 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000.

“The man has been taken to a South London police station, where he remains in custody. more


The Police keen to threaten or arrest anyone who may challenge the official story or embarrass the government are now given licence to act very much like the west German intelligence services as the western world led by Britain and America is now descending into being openly tyrannical.Spun conveniently in the Media anyone with a bit of common sense will know that anyone who says the wrong thing will be disapeared arrested or threatened by the powers at B


8 thoughts on “BRITISH GOVERNMENT MOVES QUICKLY TO SILENCE TRUTH: Woolwich attack: Michael Adebolajo’s friend arrested after claiming suspect was asked to spy for MI5

  1. Is there anyone who really believes that this was anything other than camp cinema? Look up Woolwich hoax on YouTube

  2. 97% of americans would be just as happy living in a FEMA DEATH CAMP as they would be living in an apartment in new york city,they don’t care how their children are raised,they don’t care if perverts rape and attack them at the air ports,THERES nothing they care about,the government can inject them with any poison they want and have no fear of their dad cause they don’t have one,and IF HE’S AN ALPHA-MALE,HE’S IN PRISON,and most of these people are such low I.Q. they can’t even read the constitution,and could care less if they even have one,SO GET READY, AMERICA IS ABOUT TO FALL “HARD”, america allowed THEIR GOD to be thrown out of every thing,now you’ll get what you wanted……LUCIFER……………………..

    • I don’t think it’s that high a number. I think that’s what the media wants people to believe. Urban centers are where the political power lies which is why there have been so many stories, now refuted, on the dwindling populations in suburbs. Here’s the facts. Only the very wealthy and the very poor who serve them or live on government dole can afford to live in ANY big city these days. Just rent and utilities drive the cost of living to the border of impossible. Yet except for fact based assessments, pop media wants people to believe this because if city living becomes the popular fad, no matter how dreary or oppressed, populations will be centralized and easier to control. Just one more reason not to live in a large city anywhere right now.

  3. I’m thinking he accepted the offer and played his “role” as directed in this bit of theater for the masses.

  4. LOOK AT ENGLAND,they gave up their weapons,NOW the HAND of DEATH is slowly pushing them into the grave,and they still don’t see what the people of NAZI GERMANY,saw way to late,and soon when the british do realize whats coming, it will be to late to take their country back……….just like america,the whole world is being swollowed by the demons from hell,and their so busy partying they don’t see it creeping up on them,death camps,unemployment,police gangs,DHS russians,muslims invading their country,ITS ALL IN FREEFALL,……WAKEUP,your out of time,get ready or your going to die,AND SO IS YOUR FAMILY….wakeup………………

  5. I don’t think it’s that high. I think the media and the administration want us to believe it’s that high. Right now there’s an active agenda to try to convince people to move back into inner city cores. A centralized population is a more easily controlled population. Just look at the way the narrow stream of opinion flows in places like New York or LA or Chicago. Those who have opposing views are intimidated into silence and the assumption is that “everyone believes….” no matter how outrageous or nutty the prevailing opinion. Because they hear no dissenting views, those who are low info voters will buy into the bait hook line and sinker as they did with Cash for Clunkers, Obamacare, Fast and Furious and countless other acts bordering into treachery by this administration. Just another good reason not to live in the inner core of any American city right now. And that includes southern cities like Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and New Orleans. Even normally conservative Dallas bought into the scam in 2008 and elected a slew of far left idiots that seem intent on imposing the same type of social network that has ruined Chicago.

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