BBC shows off new orwellian propaganda device they call ‘perceptive radio’ that can alter scripts


In the future governments will be able to give news a new spin their robots which will have calculated local weather and areas will be able to spin a yarn to you at a localized level changing a story to suit wherever you are and how you think. How this bizarre report will work is anybodies guess but it shows a new level of deception being rolled out and fed to the public as the usual beta test before they secretly implement it. 


A radio that is able to change a broadcast depending on where you are and what you are doing has been demonstrated by the BBC.

The Perceptive Radio, produced by the corporation’s Future Media North Lab, is thought to be a world first.

The team produced a computer-generated radio drama where the script altered depending on factors such as weather.

The device was shown off at the Thinking Digital Conference in Gateshead.

The proof-of-concept drama, which used a computer-generated voice for one of the characters, could adapt on the fly according to data pulled from external sources.

For instance, it could make reference to local places which would differ depending on where in the world you were.

Or it would mention weather conditions that were dependent on what was happening in the real world – such as replacing the phrase “it’s sunny outside” with “it’s raining”. for those of you familiar with max headroom a digital news character in a apocalyptic america it seems art is imitating life or is it the other way around.

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