Banksters show who is in charge in america have Foreclosed Homeowners Arrested Who are Demanding Bankster Prosecution:

Supremacist Banksters  who have  committed fraud refuse to allow themselves to be taken to account by  angry homeowners foreclosed upon, in fact how dare Americans think they can challenge bank’s they have no idea they no longer  live in a  country run by the rule of law why the USA is now run by  high falooten criminals dont Ya know.

little people can go to jail do not collect 200$ do not pass go. The police dont mind arresting people for the banksters in fact if you pay a good chunk of change to the police widows and orphans fund they will get rid of anybody for ya awl good old bankster boys. Things have gone so far that the police do not care that public know who is really in charge its certainly not the tax payers who pay their salaries. This is a level of corruption not seen before in america since before the last revolution as America degenerates into a  lawlessness society it is the  institutions which are supposed to uphold the laws and keep the peace which are the worst offenders.Sometime in the future there will be a pay back.


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