Adam Kokesh To Be Released After July 4th?


In at least two separate videos of the protest, numerous officers are seen wearing their normal blue and white uniforms outfitted with standard Philadelphia police patches. Other officers can also be seen, however, dressed in black jackets festooned with mysterious red patches that surround the traditional Philadelphia police emblem.

This small, but important, detail may indicate Philadelphia’s Smoke Down Prohibition event was to be treated as a terror threat. Evidently marijuana legalization assemblies and other concentrated acts of civil disobedience and protest are now disturbingly being equated with terrorist activities.…


One thought on “Adam Kokesh To Be Released After July 4th?

  1. I can not believe that Alex is backing down! I heard him say that he Was going and his followes to at least film this. I have been spreading Adam’s messages and yesterday I wrorh a blog if anyone else was having trouble with with their computers and this morning, it told me that my audio was unplugged. NOT!

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