FEDS Disappear Adam Kokesh! Video Report From Alex Jones

The American ”police state” continues to unfold with the arrest and ‘disappearance’ of activist and television host Adam Kokesh. According to this Alex Jones video, Adam is nowhere to be found, according to close friends of his. Is it LEGAL to do something like this? This is straight out of Nazi Germany and something that

Stalin and Hitler would be proud of. Shame on you, FEDS! This is STILL America, isn’t it? Or is this more

proof that we are no longer a free country with 1st Amendment Rights? The FEDS must be scared to death of this guy or something. Or, is this just some kind of ploy to get the masses enraged?

Radio host Adam Kokesh was arrested Saturday in Philadelphia during a Smoke Down Prohibition rally.

As witnessed in footage of the event filmed by fellow activists, Kokesh appears to have been arrested for the victimless crime of exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

The talk radio host recently garnered national attention when he announced a July 4th armed march on Washington D.C. in defiance of the capitol’s firearms laws. As of yet, it’s unclear whether his connection to the upcoming event had anything to do with his arrest.

On the Sunday broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex spoke to one of Kokesh’s crew members, Lucas, who stated the feds haven’t yet disclosed where Adam is being detained.



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7 thoughts on “FEDS Disappear Adam Kokesh! Video Report From Alex Jones

  1. They are working down the list. Edgar Steele was taken down, and will die in prison. He is quite resigned to his fate. I feel so sorry for these peoples families, it must be very frustrating for them.

  2. The 100+ people in attendance should have given those cops a beat down…then dispersed from the area. People have to STOP going quietly with the Gestapo thugs!

    It’s time to FIGHT back!!!

  3. This is just more proof and undeniable fact that the “People” are just complacent and watch, complain and point, but will not stand up.
    We are a nation of public sheep and meow men.
    Evidently, the entire public do not read history. They continue to talk about peaceful protest, but yet in all of recorded history there has never, not once, been a Monarchy, Oligarchy, or Power Hungery Tyrant removed from power without a violent and bloody revolution from the people. NEVER!

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