Disgusting excuse for a human being Abu Sakkar Syrian ‘cannibal’ rebel explains his actions

In a propaganda piece from the uk’s Daily Telegraph today Rebel commander Abu Sakkar, who was filmed cutting out and eating the organs of a pro-regime fighter, warns that if the bloodshed continues “all Syrian people” will be like him.(what is he talking about is he saying they will all become cannibalistic demon possessed devils)

Rebel commander Abu Sakkar gained instant notoriety after footage emerged of him appearing(he has admitted he did it ) to remove the organs of a pro-regime fighter and then eating them.

In a short video uploaded to YouTube, he says that he found the fighter had mobile phone footage showing the killing of children, rapes, dismemberment and torture.

“Every free Syrian who sees this; you don’t know what they can do,” he said.

He also warned that if the bloodshed in Syria continues “all Syrian people will be like me.”(murderous cannibals)

comment- Pro-uk government propaganda broadsheet  the telegraph allows disgusting murderous Alqida member Abu Sakkar a man who may or may not even be from Syria who probably has links to the CIA and is Probably a mercenary who will kill anyone for 100,000$ a year(the going rate for murder) tells his side of this disgusting story to get symapthy for the rebels.

Abu Sakkar killed this man and ate his internal organs because he  Abu Sakkar is one of the good guys, well pardon me if i dont vomit on your explanation Mr Abu Sakkar but none of what you say makes sense. Was the Assad Regime at war with its own people before you and your murderous cronies invaded the country with money and weapons you received from the GREAT SATAN OF THE WEST AMERICA AND BRITAIN.

Cannibalism shows no mater what you say you have  a deranged mind  it is a  murderous mental imbalance. What the telegraph has done is to try and justify your actions with no actual comments from them when in fact cannibalism is always unjustifiable. You have degenerated to the most base state a human can go to, slime rates slightly higher. I pity the next  woman you meet or anyone  you think is pro-Assad (i wonder if you only kill the fat ones) psychopathic people like yourself will use any excuse to murder kill and rape. As for your allegations we have no idea if the Syrian soldier did it or indeed anything, judging by your actions Abu Sakkar and clearly insane behavior it looks like you are a lying sociopath who got caught on camera and the world saw what you really are. Praying and pretending to be a good Muslim wont sway anyone   as for a  representative of Islam this  sends shivers down everyone who is non Muslims I and the people of Syria can only hope you meet an untimely death and go to your God sooner rather than later. As for the telegraph  SHAME ON YOU this paper has sunken to a new low if this had been a Syrian soldier you would rightly have condemned him. The fact  Abu Sakkar is one of the commanders shows us  the evil and wickedness  of the so called Syrian freedom fighters who are terrorist plain and simple.  Assad and his troops and the real free people of Syria  have my sympathy dealing  with scum of the earth like Abu Sakkar.

The original video was premeditated it was made as propaganda which back fired spectacularly nothing these terrorists say can be taken as truth.

Here he is Abu Sakkar the public face of  the Rebels explaining how all of Syria will be like him soon(deranged and reduced to cannibalism after he and his men destroy whats left of the country

He said he is part of the Syrian people and that the Syrian people are part of the world(new world order) He  says that you dont know what a free Syria person will do(psychotic rebel soldiers are unpredictable and insane). 

The picture below show’s exactly what Commander  Abu Sakkar means when he says He also warned that if the bloodshed in Syria continues “all Syrian people will be like me  notice the murdered man in the pictures head is on a what looks like a barbecue grill. does Abu Sakkar have picture like this on his own mobile phone .

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original telegraph story

This woman is about to be beheaded by hypocrite murdering raping scum bags


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