Police state has arrived is civil war imminent watch how the crowd reacts :Adam Kokesh violently dragged from protest by police, arrested for ‘resisting arrest’, refuses to be booked

NaturalNews) Freedom activist Adam Kokesh ofAdam vs. the Man was violently dragged from a “Smoke Down Prohibition” protest in Philadelphia just a few hours ago. According to his Facebook page, Adam is being charged with “resisting arrest” but is refusing to be booked for the charge which is obviously false.

policeThe YouTube video of the arrest (Below), shows Adam Kokesh clearly NOT resisting, holding his hands up in a surrender posture and trying to maintain his balance while a gang of police drag him away from the event.Picture

According to Adam Kokesh supporter “Brother Lucas,” Kokesh never even smoked pot during the protest, so his arrest is sending shock-waves across the liberty movement because it appears to be illegal and unjustified.

The video seems to depict a lawless gang of badge-wearing thugs committing an act of kidnapping against someone merely exercising their free speech rights in a public forum.

Details are still early and somewhat sketchy at this point, so we may learn more details that will provide additional clarity on why this happened and what excuse the police will come up with this time.

In the video the crowd  is heard shouting at the police in open defiance that the police are criminals. Adam kokesh who is heading a march of gun owners to Washington DC  on independence day is now obviously being targeted by the Obama administration openly now because he has become somewhat of a figure head for the resistance movements springing up everywhere .

Many say that  civil war is what the NWO Globalists who through banking and financial institutions run the American Government really want and is why the Department of human sacrifice(DHS) has bought 2.2 billion bullets, militarized the police and wants thousands of drones  to monitor the public’s every move, Catholics and Evangelical church goers being the number one terrorist threat according to government sources.

Because of the outright brazenness of what is going on  American‘s  have officially now woken up in large enough numbers to the fact that the government has become a tyrannical organization with limitless Diabolical power’s being used against them. Obama and Hilary Clinton who will probably weather the storm of Benghazi  the  IRS  and other scandals without impeachment proceedings or resignations. This will at last show the people who have woken up en mass and even those just scratching their head’s that the conspiracy theorists were right all along.

Cue more false flags and terrorist alerts.

The people who are watching this now realize that higher ups in government are untouchable that the rule of law does not apply to them, that their once beloved Republic is now openly being run by criminals and is worse than the   terrorist organization‘s it claims its fighting against in the war on terror,the  public at large  40% of whom say they now fear their government more than terrorism are starting to organize into small groups to resist, Where is this all heading ? conclusion is to a very bad end.

natural news reports

If Adam Kokesh is not released in very short order, all hell is going to break loose in Philadelphia. Watch the video of the arrest and see for yourself just how close the crowd seems to attacking the criminal cops on the spot: 

A request on Kokesh’s Facebook page calls for supporters to “phone bomb” the Philadelphia Police Department Public Affairs office:

Phone bomb 215 686 3388 and demand Adam get a phone call and that he be released… we have yet to be in contact with him about 2 hours into it… I will keep everyone posted as I get more details! One love – Brotha Lucas 
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Poll: 3 in 10 voters say “armed revolution might be necessary”

29 percent say they believe they’ll have to act “in order to protect our liberties” in the next few years

A new survey of voters by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind finds that 29 percent agree with the statement,  “In the next few years, an armed revolution might be necessary in order to protect our liberties” – including 18 percent of Democrats, 27 percent of Independents and 44 percent of Republicans.Poll: 3 in 10 voters say

From the survey:

Only 38 percent of Americans who believe a revolution might be necessary support additional gun control legislation, compared with 62 percent of those who don’t think an armed revolt will be needed. “The differences in views of gun legislation are really a function of differences in what people believe guns are for,” said Cassino. “If you truly believe an armed revolution is possible in the near future, you need weapons and you’re going to be wary about government efforts to take them away.”

This Week in Photography History: Eddie Adams’ Pulitzer Winning Image Was Captured

0120110417-EddieAdams“The general killed the Viet Cong; I killed the general with my camera. Still photographs are the most powerful weapon in the world. People believe them; but photographs do lie, even without manipulation. They are only half-truths. … What the photograph didn’t say was, ‘What would you do if you were the general at that time and place on that hot day, and you caught the so-called bad guy after he blew away one, two or three American people?  MORE



35 thoughts on “Police state has arrived is civil war imminent watch how the crowd reacts :Adam Kokesh violently dragged from protest by police, arrested for ‘resisting arrest’, refuses to be booked

    • I would urge you to delve into the history of Adam Kokesh. There is evidence he works for “Obama for America”, that he is inciting riots, to reign in Marshall Law. Let’s all do our research and be cautious. We know the government has infiltrated freedom movements. Keep a vigilant eye when observing these events. Here’s a link that shows Mr. Kokesh could be on the wrong side of freedom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ5WQ0pe8AA
      The 5 min. mark on this short video details his profile.

      • thanks i did see a video recently where adam kokesh was involved in one of these protests what troubled me was the guy who wore a code pink t-shirt code pink are trolls and shills. We should be wary of everyone not just those in government.

      • Jewish name like Kokesh, and thats a red flag for covert ops manipulation. To call for an ARMED march openly contains a hidden insidious agenda. That was apparent from the start. But in this case? That is also a separate issue.
        HOWEVER- how can this guy- any guy -simply standing in a legal public venue- be in a crowd of “Patriots” at an ‘anti-tyranny event’ and be hauled off under everyone’s nose with NO push back by these same ‘patriots’??? That entire crowd should have intervened, and they had the big majority. This is exactly the “help” you all can expect once roundups begin. Neighbors doing nothing and staying safe.

      • I’m with you Beth – he is starting to fit the profile of an agent provocateur and CD20T might be walking right into the trap. The goal, folks, is, was, and always has been maximum chaos/maximum death. Economic collapse then civil war then attack from without. Ordo ab chao. Adam’s entire agenda seems designed to facilitate this goal. From lining you all up like carnival targets to get Fallujah-ed in DC to starting riots at a pot protest, feeding off of and feeding into the anger of the crowd. Am I the only one here old enough to have seen the very first episode of a 60s show called “The Mod Squad”? Hippie types, one white, one black, one blonde – undercover but they almost blew their cover by blending in too well and starting their own protest – yeah – it’s kinda like that.

    • “just how close the crowd seems to attacking the criminal cops on the spot:”

      What a joke. The height of an incident where every single male in that audience should have stepped in and refused to let this innocent Vet be apprehended. Yet true to our American eunuchs, they did nothing but bitch, a few shrieks and FILM! Reminds me of Boston Marathon when they swats got full, UNHINDERED access. These “Patriot” wussies will never stand up folks, especially when it could have made a difference like in this case. “fighting back” agter the damage is done and the danger is over or the battle is lost is pretty effing lame. But thats American men

  1. This will continue until we stop it. Oh, so you ask how? Now that they have littterly declared war on the American people, the American people need to start using those very same tactics the police use. Go to the homes of those officers involved and drag them out into the street, and arrest them, try them in an underdround Kangaroo court, and then put them before a fireing squad.

    If we’re going to go to war, Americans need to acknowledge exactly what war is. It is a mobalized force of men and women who are armed to the teeth firing upon and with the aim of killing a supposed enemy. They cannot not expect retribution in revenge for their actions.

    This will continue until Americans are as willing to give their lives for freedom as they are willing to fight and kill men, women, and children in other countries for their government.

    We are the strongest country in the world at present, and being so, we do not need to brutalize and steal. But we have, and thus have become the bully of the world. Our government is nothing more than a gang of crooks disguised as politicians continually trying to convince us that it is for “National Security” that we do what we do. IT IS TOTAL BS !

    And like so many stupid bullies when they cannot force anyone else into subserviance, they will turn on their own infrastructure devouring itself in a mad mad last minute hope that if they cut off their own leg, they will get out of trap they have set for themselves.

    It sad that killing must be the last resort or a failed scheme, but when a bully doesn’t take the hint, there may be no alternative, and if we support that bully, we are a part of the problem !

    • Yes! Yes ! Yes !!!; Bully boys with badges are no match for a crowd with truth in their hearts. Its time to stop sitting around typing to each other. Taking the fight to the cops’ homes would put at least some fear into them. Soljenitchsen (sp?) the Russian author of Gulag, told stories in his books about how 50 or so Russians would sit idly by in their apartment house mainroom while two kgb thugs with one pistol each rounded half of them up to go to Siberia or worse. He noted that they sat in prison after arriving in Siberia and were astounded at themselves for letting two little government thugs (i.e. cops) take them away instead of the whole group teaching them their true place via hammers, steaknives, clubs or whatever else they could find. Hopefully we will not find ourselves sitting in concentration camps thinking those same thoughts.
      Lock and load.

      • WAR DOC,VISIONS from the LORD have shown the same thing will happen in america,the fema camps will be full of americans and when americans do wakeup 50% of the PATROITS will have been rounded up and killed,THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES before the rest of america realizes,”THERE NEXT”………how sad is that…………..can the cowards who are left save america.”NO”….the whole country is about to be lost,this is what happens when GOVERNMENT OFFICALS who took an OATH are not made to FOLLOW IT,they don’t care if it kills their whole family,they still won’t arrest the criminals stealing your freedeom…cause their THE NUMBER 1 CAUSE,police gangs are all TRAITORS…….thats why they call them PIGS……….THEY KILLED THE STUDENTS AT KENT STATE,did you hear of any arrests for murder”NO” the POLICE GANGS work for the terrorists,..WAKEUP YOUR RUNNING OUT OF TIME FAST NOW….THEY WILL BE COMING FOR YOU,think about that…………………..

      • That crowd “with truth in their hearts” didnt do shit to help a fellow patriot when hauled off RIGHT UNDER THEIR OWN NOSES- at an anti-gulag event. LOLOL what a crock of nonsense all of your ‘freedom pronouncements’ are!

  2. As serious as this event is, along with the NJ meeting on gun control which shows the crowd refusing to go along, it is imperative people come to an agreement on how to respond. Many blog/alternative sites are implying that a greater MAJORITY of the citizens are now rising in opposition towards the gov’t. Nothing could be further from the truth. While the facts are even making it to mainstream news(re: ammo purchases by the gov’t), and the obvious conclusion is that the gov’t is preparing for all out civil disobedience, the MAJORITY of Americans are NOT joining in opposition. The MAJORITY just want life to quiet down and move along, and if adapting to ‘changes’ is required, then so be it. Now, maybe MORE people ARE preparing for trouble, but when the SHTF you can be assured most of them are going to concerned about themselves, not the Republic. The concern here, should be, what is going to be the spark that ignites unrest and brings on martial law. In my opinion, the spark is going to come from the “American militia”. Not the righteous, honorable and upstanding Patriots, but a more radical faction that will draw first blood after declaring their intent and thus respond with shooting and killing some form of law enforcement. Simply recall Oklahoma City. Despite ALL the evidence showing more than reported, McViegh and Nichols AND the radical ‘white supremists groups’ we were told, committed the explosion. Thus, it is implanted into peoples minds that there are American fanatics who are the real threat. Yes, there will be civil unrest, and violence, but, it will be blamed on radical nuts, and along with the emminent economic collapse, this country will facture into total anarchy. And martial law very likely will be welcomed by the MAJORITY, as a necessary ‘change’ towards peace.
    In my overview, I would not be surprised, in fact I even expect it, that by this time next year, 2014, we will be directly dealing with martial law. To be more specific, I see next April as the month when the ‘trigger event’ occurs. Everything from until then, will be a build up. The event could even be a planned one, but that hardly matters. It worked for Hitler, it can work again.

    • KEN PETERS,on you tube ,saw a VISION from the LORD,in his vision there was a EMP from north korea and the whole country went into marshal law and the round up got started and the people were BLIND as usual and the UN BROUGHT DOWN THE WHOLE COUNTRY(RED DAWN).and placed it under marshal law,and the people joyfuly went to the fema camps(and glady accecpted the MARK OF THE BEAST) and were put to death after arriving….tell me how stupid these morons are,they went to the fema camps after being warned ,WHAT WOULD HAPPEN……….they JUST DIDN’T BELIEVE what they were told…..the foreign troops tortured the women and children to death,the children WILL BE FED TO THE GUARD DOGS…….THE american people can’t be saved,remember YOU WERE WARNED………………………

  3. Jarheadusmc – nam69: The real story of this execution – Viet Cong had infiltrated behind Vietnamese lines and poured into an area on the inner perimeter of Saigon where the families, wifes, women and children were quartered; the Viet Cong began slaughtering all the women and children in the compound, this General had already managed to arrive with a reactionary force to drive the Viet Cong out of the civilian compound and he caught this Viet Cong immediately after he had murdered the Gernerals wife. According to any countries laws, including America’s, this General had all the rights of both Vietnamese, American, United Nations, and all International laws to judge, convict and execute this piece of dung who had just murdered his family and many other innocent civilians, some of which were witnessed by the General himself.

  4. Again nothing, just shouts. What a big difference you all made. Not! What a waste of time. You all are just douchebags.

    • Lucille-It’s obvious you’re a BOUGHT AND PAID FOR SHILL!!! Get off the boards and do something constructive. Here’s a thought, try running into traffic!

      • No Nancy-wussie. Lucillle is telling the truth. How is this much different than Boston SWATS allowed into folks homes illegally after the marathon? What occurred with Kokesh’s arrest was 100% unconsitutional and the crowd did nothing. Wakeup and GROW UP.

  5. All of these protesters that just yell and scream and kick their feet are just like little children. They always try to get people to join them in their protests and so on, but they CANNOT EVEN PROTECT ONE OF THEIR OWN. Even when one of their own are being dragged away by the dark side right in front of their faces these SO CALLED MEN THESE SO CALLED PEOPLE ARE SOO DAMN WEAK THAT THEY CANNOT EVEN FIGHT BACK. THEY CANNOT EVEN STOP THE DARK SIDE, THE WOLVES, FROM TAKING ONE OF THEIR OWN, SHEEP, AWAY. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO JOIN SUCH A WEAK AND PATHETIC GROUP THAT CANNOT EVEN FIGHT BACK. I HATE THESE “PROTESTERS” BECAUSE THEY ARE SOO DAMN WEAK. It’s almost like these fools deserve to be beat down time and time again. All of you are worthless.

    • you sound like a self hater. calm down and get real. the revolution hasn’t started as such. Lets hope it doesnt but lets be honest the momentum is building up and Obama needs something to distract from the fact he is the worst president in US history

      • The ‘Revolution’ has been in progess since 911. And the script will continue whether its Obama or Bush or Hillary. You dont even know the parameters of the war. Incredible stupidity

      • EVER NOTICE HOW PRISSED,the sheep are at the county fair?…I had a vision from the lord,IN THE VISION,a herd of prissed sheep were being attacked by a black water bufflow,he was just dragging them out of the herd and killing them and going back time after time and the other sheep seem to not notice they were being killed ONE AT A TIME,they JUST KEPT on eating with their head down and the water bufflow was dragging them out one after another…NOT A SINGLE one looked up,even though the one being dragged away was trying to put up a fight,and BAAING AT the top of its lungs……………………………..

  6. Man, that was REALLY DIFFICULT TO WATCH! Those DIRTY COPS want Adam Kokesh DEAD, it’s sooooooooooooo in our FACES!!! If people CANNOT SEE what is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, then they are already DEAD!

    • Yeah, did anyone notice how as soon as the guy onstage finishes the count-down, the 3 goons on the outskirts head straight into the crowd and right to Kokesh? Also note the FBI presence from the instant arrival of the guys in black suits and ear-pieces and the quick assimilation of previously unseen cop/Nazi/goons. They were there for Kokesh. It is all too clear. I wouldn’t doubt if there were snipers on the roofs if things got too unruly, which they would then blame the gunfire and shootings on event attendees to further gun control. Yes, this is indeed one more disturbing video of our EXISTING (not coming) police State. When we see calm and happy people meeting in a public place to exercise our LEGAL rights, and the goon-thugs with badges start a near-riot by illegally ‘kidnapping” citizens, it should serve as a clear wake-up call!

  7. Don’t worry, I’m sure Clifford Kincaid will defend the police and say Adam is a Communist who had it coming.

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  9. I have nothing against this guy personally and I do support many of the same causes as well as have many of the same concerns. However, he is not doing anyone any good by doing something stupid like trying to get people to march into DC with firearms.

    Furthermore, I don’t think I want anyone who shows up at a public pot party to represent me as a firearms owner.

    Look, the gov is getting out of control and there are more serious things to worry about than I can even keep track of anymore. None the less, we are a nation of laws and there is a right and a wrong way to stand up for what you believe in.

    If you don’t like DC gun laws, don’t go there. I dont go to DC or Chicago or NY or CA, etc because I won’t live under their gun laws and I want to remain a law abiding citizen.

    If you want to smoke pot legally then move to one of the states where its legal.

    • Loser – why don’t you move to a different country where you can live under the rules that others make for you.

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