Christianity in crisis: Islam is to be dominant UK religion in 10 years :Muslim Gangs Trying to Enforce Sharia Law in London

“This is not-so-Great Britain, this is a Muslim area. We are vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks.” — Member, Muslim London Patrol
Muslims pray at the Regent's Park Mosque in LondonMuslims pray at the Regent’s Park Mosque in London

Photo: AFP

According to a new analysis of the 2011 census, the number of British-born Christians is falling significantly, whilst the number of Muslims is on the rise. It suggests that only a minority of people will describe themselves as Christians within the next decade.

The figures suggest that there are 5.3 million fewer British-born people describing themselves as Christians. It represents a decline of 15% in just a decade, despite a growth in the overall population.

Meanwhile the number of Muslims in the UK has climbed up by 75% as almost 600,000 followers of the Islamic faith immigrated to the country over the past decade. Followers of the Islamic faith are also the youngest worshippers, with an average age of 25, while Christians are 45.

The analysis also suggests that number of people identifying themselves as atheists has increased by 10 per cent, with 6.4 million more Englishmen describing themselves as having no faith than a decade ago.

Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, told the Telegraph that the long-term reduction of Christianity, particularly among young people, was “unstoppable”.

The change has been called a “significant cultural shift” by the British Humanist Association, while the Church of England insisted it still retain a strong base of believers.

Voice of Russia, The Telegraph, RT

Muslim Gangs Enforce Sharia Law in London

Muslim gangs have been filmed loitering on streets in London and demanding that passersby conform to Islamic Sharia law.

The self-proclaimed vigilantes, who call themselves Muslim London Patrol, are seen in several videos abusing people for drinking alcohol, for showing too much flesh and for being homosexual.

In one three-and-a-half minute video posted on YouTube on January 17, a number of hooded men are seen repeatedly shouting “this is a Muslim area” towards non-Muslim passers-by.

In the footage, which was shot at night on the weekend of January 12/13 on a mobile phone, in what is believed to be Whitechapel in east London, one gang member is seen telling a young woman who is wearing a short skirt, “you cannot dress like that in a Muslim area, this is a Muslim area.”

A few moments later, the vigilantes confront a man carrying a can of beer, telling him “no alcohol is allowed.” They then force him to empty out the contents of the can on the sidewalk. One gang member shouts: “Get him to pour it out, pour it out, Muslim area. Alcohol bad. This is a Muslim area. This area is a Muslim area. No drink in this area.” He continues: “What this is, is a Muslim Patrol. We are Muslims and we patrol the area. Forbidden … evil. Alcohol is evil. No alcohol. Yes? Have a good day.”

A few moments later, the vigilantes accost a woman who, referring to the imposition of Sharia law in the neighborhood exclaims, “I cannot believe it!” The Muslims respond: “We do not care if you believe it or not.”

At another point, one gang member admonishes another gang member not to allow non-Muslims to pass along the sidewalk in front of a mosque. He shouts: “You need to control this area and forbid these people from dressing like this and exposing themselves outside the mosque.” A few moments later, a gang member accosts two non-Muslims who are passing by. “Remove yourself away from the mosque. Go away now. This is a Muslim area. Muslim patrol. Muslim patrol. Move away from the mosque.”

Another Muslim then shouts: “This is democracy, this is freedom, this is secularism, move away from the mosque. We clearly need Islam. Go away and don’t come back. Don’t come back. Keep your mouth closed.”

Next the men then accost a woman passerby. “We do not respect dolls who disobey God, we don’t respect them.” The woman, stunned, responds, “I am so appalled.” The men reply: “We don’t care if you are appalled at all.” She says: “This is Great Britain.” The men reply: “This is not-so-Great Britain, this is a Muslim area. We are vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks.”

In another video, Muslims are seen harassing a man they perceive to be a homosexual. They aggressively pursue the man and shout at him, “Hello mate, don’t you know this is a Muslim area. Why are you dressed like that for.” The man responds: “Why are you bothering me.” The Muslims respond: “You are walking in a Muslim area dressed like a fag, mate. You need to get out of here.” Clearly terrified, the man responds, “I am getting out of here.” The Muslims respond, “Get out of here quicker then. You’re dirty mate. Admit you’re dirty. You’re gay, mate. Get out of here, you bloody fag.”

The vigilante video follows another clip in which Muslim vigilantes protest against advertisements for push-up bras by High Street retailer H&M. In the three minute video they say: “The Muslims have taken it upon themselves to command the good and forbid the evil and cover up these naked people.” They then show a number of advertisements for the product which have been sprayed over and also film themselves pouring petrol over one advertisement and setting it on fire. more


13 thoughts on “Christianity in crisis: Islam is to be dominant UK religion in 10 years :Muslim Gangs Trying to Enforce Sharia Law in London

  1. exposing the flesh and drinking I would disagree with brutal force but that third one mentioned , being homosexual, yeah I agree with whatever action, no matter what the outcome that happens when they get brutal with them. If they want credibility they will just stick with that one thing.

  2. WTF are you red blooded Brits waiting for? Start killing these cockroaches and the politicians that support them NOW!!!!!

  3. This is what happens when fast breeding rats take over the dungeon. You don’t need guns people, all you need are baseball bats, sticks, swords or whatever else you can get your hands on, that can be used to fight back against a supposed religion from hell. The ignorance of Muslims is astounding. What amazes me is those ignorant bastrds believe the BS coming out of their collective mouths.

    • What is interesting is the piss coming from YOUR’S. These Qaeda/fundamentalists have been funded, armed and encouraged and supported by MI6, CIA and the UK for over 50 yrs now- to create just such a polarity of US vs THEM- like they’re doing in Syria and Iraq. Get us to wipe each other out so THEY rule unopposed. Divide & Conquer is the coin of the realm. And little dicks with big egos like you, fall for it every time

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  5. The faster the Islamic growth, the quicker defences are building. Maybe they just want to be allowed to be paedophiles and then after their females are raped, behead them for being flirtatious!

  6. When are the footballers going to take their country back. Send some of those rowdy groups through those neighborhoods and start cracking some heads till the vermin go back home

  7. The UK and the USA are literally in self destruct mode. The leadership of these two once great nations are an absolute disgrace and should be treated as such with the strictest of punishments.

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