Warning: Graphic Video shows Islamist rebels executing 11 Syrian soldiers shouting God is great.Dreadful Warning By Ret. Army Captain

THESE ARE THE MURDERERS   BARRACK OBAMA AND BRITAIN’S PRIME MINISTER  DAVID CAMERON ARE BACKING WITH ARMS WEAPONS AMMUNITION AND POLITICAL HELP. IF ISRAEL WILL BE THE HOOK IN THE JAW FOR RUSSIA THEN IS SYRIA THE HOOK IN THE JAW FOR AMERICA  AND BRITAIN. GOD IS SHOWING US THE SINS OF OUR LEADERS HE IS SHOWING US THE TRUE BRUTALITY AND MENTALITY OF OUR LEADERS THROUGH THE ACTIONS OF THE MEN AND THESE WICKED ORGANISATIONS THEY SUPPORT . OUR LEADERS ARE SCUM WHO WILL BACK TERRORISTS WHEN IT SUITS THEM,  INVADING THIS TIME BY PROXY SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES TO DESTABILIZE THEM ALL THE WHILE LYING TO OUR FACES. WITH THE STENCH OF BENGHAZI STILL WAFTING UP EVERYONE’S NOSES THE END MUST BE SOON BECAUSE OBAMA WAS SET UP TO FAIL FROM THE BEGINNING, MANY THOUGHT HE WAS THE ANTI-CHRIST BUT HE IS JUST A PALE IMITATION A STRAW MAN A WEAK PUPPET SENT TO DESTROY THE USA FROM WITHIN BY RUSSIA AND THE NWO CROWD. THE PEOPLE IN CONGRESS WILL ALL BE ASSASSINATED FIRST WHEN THE SHTF AS REWARD AND  THANK YOU FOR THEIR SERVICES .They LOUNGED IN WASHINGTON IN LUXURY AND DECADENCE  FOR ALL THESE YEARS  SATAN HAS FATTENED THEM UP for the SLAUGHTER .ONCE THEY GO THE COUNTRY WILL BE LEADERLESS(AS OBAMA IS NO LEADER)  looking at this disgusting video below once again to reiterate the situation in Syria these are the scum we are supporting there, will the  chickens eventually come home to roost. Replace these killers with Russian and Chinese uniforms perhaps blue UN hats and replace the dead men on the ground with US members of congress who will be publicly executed and called traitors on TV. It will be justice as treason does incur the death penalty. Instead of American Patriots executing them after due process and a fair trial they will be dragged from their holes as the scum they are by the enemy soldiers they allowed to take over the country, helpless with no one left to defend them, all this happened on their watch while they pampered themselves with luxury bought with campaign donations and secret bank deposits in the Cayman islands which will be confiscated by the banking elite. This Ladies and gentlemen of the state capital is what you have to look forward to. The American people who voted for these criminals will have to take up arms and defend their country. Many will welcome the Russian and Chinese as saviors before they are sent to a camp to be re-educated or murdered. Look at this video in Horror as I have, summery execution at the hands of murderers this is the blood we in the west have on our hands God in his mercy is warning us, he is not happy and these unjust wars are coming home to roost at some point in the near future.

FLASHBACK  >More Proof of Military Invasion of the United States 

Dreadful Warning By Ret. Army Captain



“The al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front executed 11 men they accused of taking part in massacres against Syrian people, a video posted online showed.” Video below the fold for obvious reasons.


A report via Reuters here. An albawaba news report linking the video posted below here.

An unidentified man whose face is covered by a black balaclava is seen shooting the men, who are blindfolded and kneeling in a row, in the back of the head. As each man is shot, cried of “God is great” can be heard from off camera.

The sharia court for the eastern region in Deir al-Zor has sentenced to death these apostate soldiers that committed massacres against our brothers and families in Syria,” the executioner said as he walked behind the men. He returned to shoot some men more than once to ensure they were dead. The man also says that the executed men were responsible for the massacre of civilians in Banias, two weeks ago.

via Al Nusra fighters execute 11 men in Deir al-Zor, Syria, video shows | Al Bawaba.

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