Bilderberg 2013: Visiting The Grove

A stroll through the grounds of The Grove hotel where the Bilderberg meeting 2013 is being held.  through the golf course it seemed that it was actually the security operation that was in full swing.

Hertfordshire Police in the UK have confirmed that the Bilderberg 2013 meeting will take place in Watford this year, as approximately 100 of the world’s most rich and powerful individuals from government, business and royalty, will descend on the unsuspecting town at the beginning of June and meet at The Grove Luxury Hotel to deliberate over the global agenda behind closed doors.

Local newspaper, The Watford Observer, reported that “A Hertfordshire police spokesman confirmed the event was taking place but declined to comment on operational policing details” adding that, the force would “facilitate people who want to undertake peaceful protest”. ‘Facilitate’ in this context, most likely meaning something along the lines of “stand over there and be quiet”.

The entire 220 room hotel is completely booked out for the three day conference – so as not to risk the secret subject matter discussed being exposed to outsiders, and private security for the gathering is likewise expected to be tight.

Prominent activist, Alex Jones, plans to travel to the UK to cover the event and make his presence known in his own unique unabashed Texan way, yet it remains to be seen whether the corporate world media will pay any attention to, or simply downplay the shadowy meeting of the elitist organisation.


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