time distortion effects of UFOs and their relationship to the theory of the soft spot. Donald Pilz.

Donald Pilz has provided us with two vital observations in his 2 previous articles in FSR, his first thatextremely rapid air vortex movements caused by UFOs can generate characteristic exploding ring shapedclouds visible on Doppler radar. His second (FSR 51.1) that UFOs use a characteristic black aperture, the softspot to enter/exit our atmosphere. Now his third article in the series examines the question of time in all this.Donald reviews cases where time has been noticeably altered by the presence of a UFO related energy field,a phenomenon that he himself experienced whilst observing a UFO leaving through a soft spot opening.
One of the more unusual and stranger aspects of observing both a UFO craft and a soft spot opening is theoccasional time distortion and the temporal paralysis effect on the observer and his environment. Does thiseffect arise from an altered physical or mental state, or a combination of the two? Also why are there only limitednumbers of cases where the witnesses recall feeling theseeffects? Why is it not a universal property of all UFOencounters?
In my many searches of the UFO literature the timedistortion effects are normally described as brief, from a fewseconds or minutes. It is my opinion that these cases arecompletely separate to missing time reports (possible abductions)that can last much longer.The transient time distortion effects commonly reported withclose proximity UFO sightings must be associated with theunknown energy field that is emitted from the craft and or thewaves that are emitted from the soft spot opening. I havesuggested in my previous articles that the soft spot is in fact ahuge gravity wave distortion that bends light back towards itself,hence appearing black.In conventional physics it is considered possible for immense gravity fields to slow time. I suspect that there is animmensely powerful “inert motionless time-field” createdaround both the soft spot and the UFO craft that doesindeed alter our atmospheric mass (molecules, atoms, electrons, protons, etc) so that it all becomes an inert time-field. If for an aerial object; the sheer size of this “inert energy field” extended itself all the way down to the earth’s surface,it might just explain the time distortion and paralysis effects felt by some of the observers. If the field strength is of highlyvariable intensity and distribution when it touches the ground then this might explain why the majority of UFO cases donot feature this phenomenon. Could these special fields of null time resemble the packed isobars of atmospheric pressurefor a ground witness to experience the exact conditions inside the soft spot? I was over two miles away from the objectduring my sighting, yet I was hit by its full intensity.This action of this extended grounded time-field might also explain another more commonly reported type of effect from UFO sightings; the total absence of sounds or natural noises while observing the event. Some observers recallthat there was an umbrella of total silence when the craft or opening was present, and that these everyday soundsimmediately returned to normal when the craft and or opening disappeared.My personal experience from witnessing a craft and the soft spot opening was as I drove my car along atapproximately 60 – 65 miles per hour. I had my window cracked open because I smoke and the only sounds I heardduring my sighting were that of my own analytical thoughts of what I was witnessing. As soon as the object disappearedcompletely into the opening, (it was as if someone had flipped a light switch on) I could move again, and I could hear thesounds of traffic and the wind rushing through my window. I was so startled by the sudden sounds of everything returningto normal that I instantly squeezed the steering wheel real hard.In some typical accounts I have reviewed where everything in the temporal field froze to create one extended unitof “null time.” The following cases feature null-time where the body is also paralysed; leaving only the mind of theobserver to contemplate what is happening. Starting with my own recollectioN


2 thoughts on “time distortion effects of UFOs and their relationship to the theory of the soft spot. Donald Pilz.

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  2. As it is true in my dream samé type
    i listened sound like some car ig going away type .
    then due to sudden sound i wake up
    but my eyes was not opening
    but my mind was working
    my body was paralysed like štáte
    i wake and feeling that sometjing gone away from my glass windows
    mine mind was wake only and feeling
    some external magnetic like force
    like we do the programming of microcontrollers
    was constantally commanding my mind
    to forget was has happened
    my eyes was open
    but my mind can realise that something
    magnetic was on my windows
    ready to departure in universe
    but my assurance needed
    to forget this event or nót tell any body
    as soon as i thought in my mind
    that i will not tell i felt 50%
    i forgot another 50% i told in my mind
    that f something remain in my mind
    i will not tell anyone
    after telling this in my mind

    i felt that craft disaapered / gone away from my glass window
    then i started moving my hands
    it took 2 to 5 minš to free my hands
    to normal.it was not pain for me but pain like
    so i straight open eyes and look my glass was closed
    light was looking outsider glass
    i have no guts to open glass but eyes
    my my was assured that someting was gone
    that day i was alone in bunglow room
    i opened tv and štarted watching …

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