Mark of the beast 666 Prophetic Sounding National ID System Ron Paul: Yes, The Gang Of 8 Is Hiding A Massive And Mandatory National ID Scheme In Immigration Reform



Ron Paul: Yes, The Gang Of 8 Is Hiding A Massive And Mandatory National ID Scheme In Immigration Reform

While his son, Senator Rand Paul, has taken most of the national spotlight away from his father, Ron Paul has not stopped advancing his “Campaign for Liberty.” Ron Paul and his supporters have built up a massive database of “liberty loving” supporters since the organization launched in 2008, following his second unsuccessful campaign for the Presidency. And today, he is robo-calling his supporters to sign a petition against the inclusion of a National ID card in immigration reform negotiations. From the petition: Right now, freedom-stealing Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), banding together with other statists from both parties, are scheming to sneak a massive power grab into a new “immigration reform” bill. If passed, it would require every American to obtain a National ID card to work legally in the U.S. – and you can bet it will be only a matter of time until they’re required even for simple purchases. Ron Paul calls the current proposals “by far the worst national ID card the statists have come up with yet.”

Despite concerns over personal privacy, a bill for a national identification number system passed in the Lower House plenary session on May 9 and is expected to become law by the end of the current Diet session. If enacted, the new system will begin in January 2016.

Under the new system, all citizens would be assigned individual ID numbers, enabling the centralized management by the government of personal information, such as the amount of tax payments and pension benefits.

The national identity number system would make it easier for the central government and municipalities to trace citizens’ individual information. It would also simplify administrative procedures, including those to apply for child-raising allowances and pension premium exemptions.

Separate administrative agencies now manage data of citizens. For example, addresses and birth dates are controlled by municipalities, while tax offices and the Japan Pension Service manage the data of incomes and tax payments and information about pension benefits, respectively.

The new system would connect such data by a computerized network. When a governmental agency inputs data of a person along with their ID number, other agencies would be able to access the information over the network.

Paper cards bearing each person’s ID number would be mailed to citizens. A smart card ID with a photo would be available to those who request it. Citizens would be able to apply for a child-raising allowance, pension premium exemptions and other benefits using only their smart card IDs. The government believes it would be able to cut administrative costs thanks to this simplification of procedures.more

PayPal Aims To Join Bandwagon, Change Buying & Selling To Wireless Scanning
PayPal’s top security official is on a quest to kill passwords. “Our intention is to really obliterate, within a certain number of years, both passwords and PINs and see the whole Internet—including internally in enterprises—obliterate user IDs and passwords and PINs from the face of the planet.” That’s what Michael Barrett, chief information security officer at PayPal, told the network industry today at the Interop conference in Las Vegas. Barrett’s second job is as president of the FIDO Alliance, a recently unveiled consortium trying to create an open standard that could replace passwords. Google, Lenovo, and other companies have representatives on FIDO’s board of directors. FIDO, which stands for Fast Identity Online, would work by requiring users to authenticate…



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