As America burns President Nero Plays the fiddle Obama Parties with Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel at Harvey Weinstein’s Home..any disaster needs a little ambient music.

Something awful is happening. The world is ending, the economy collapsed, there’s an earthquake, and rioting in the streets is commonplace. Everyone’s in a panic — except this guy.

Because any disaster needs a little ambient music.

 Obama Praises Harvey Weinstein’s “Amazing Movies” At DNC Fundraiser In NY

UPDATE: 3:24 PM: Just over two weeks after breaking bread at the White House Correspondents’ DinnerPresident Barack Obama and Harvey Weinstein were back together today. This time it was at the producer and his wife Georgina Chapman’s Manhattan home for a fundraiser. Unlike the big bucks, Weinstein raised directly for Obama during last year’s election, Monday afternoon’s event (read the edited Pool report below) was for the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 2014 midterm war chests. The President began his remarks thanking “Harvey and Georgina” for “their friendship and support, and for the amazing movies that they’ve made.” Throwing red meat to his Blue State crowd, Obama in his remarks also blamed the GOP for being too “concerned what Rush Limbaugh might say about them” to break the gridlock in Washington. The President will also be attending two other midterm fundraisers Monday while in NYC before returning to the White House tonight.

Obama arrived at Weinstein and Chapman’s home in the West Villiage around 1 PM after flying up from D.C. He left at about 2:19 PM. There was approximately 65 guests paying between $16,200 and $20,000 a ticket at today’s event. The White House Pool report identified Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in the room among the guests. While this isn’t the first midterm fundraiser that Obama has done this year it is the first one with Hollywood hosts. It won’t be the last. The President is due out in LA next month for a lunch event at Peter Chernin’s house on June 7. Tickets for that fundraiser range from $10,000 to $32,400 if you want to be a co-chair. With Hollywood a solid source of cash for the Democrats, Obama will likely head out West again. The President will be headlining at least eight more House and Senate midterm fundraisers this year, according to the White House.

Pool was ushered into Harvey Weinstein’s 5 story West Village town home for POTUS’s remarks to the assembled donors.  The ground floor room contained 8 tables of 8, covered in white linen with roses as a centerpiece. Several White House staffers were seated at the tables including Dan Pfeiffer and Jay Carney.  Patrick Gaspard was standing in the right side of the room (POTUS’s) right.

Co-pooler David Nakamura spotted SEO favorites Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were seated near Mr. Weinstein.  We are also reliably informed that Tommy Hilfiger was in the room. NOTE: Pooler saw Timberlake wearing trendy glasses with thick black plastic frames and his hair was parted on the side and slicked back.

POTUS spoke for about 9 minutes.

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4 thoughts on “As America burns President Nero Plays the fiddle Obama Parties with Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel at Harvey Weinstein’s Home..any disaster needs a little ambient music.

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  3. I don’t care for the child emporer Osambo, just as I don’t care for “temporary” GW Bush.
    But the comparisions to Nero is dishonest. It is factually evident that Nero was over a days ride (horseback) (35mi) away from Rome when it burned.
    And another slander is against Adolf Hitler. Hitler is also casigated and demoted to a communist/marxist like Osambo.
    Hitler did what any leader would have done if a country and their bankers declared war upon Germany. Judea declared war against Germany in 1933. Long before Hitler took actions to right the sinking ship that was left him by Versailles.
    Hitler did Western society a huge favour. He bought us a precious 50 years of prosperity. And now you are witnessing unchecked and unfettered COMMUNISM!

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