Demonic Cannibalism Savage Online Videos Fuel Syria’s Descent Into Madness Muslim Rebels shout allahu akbar Cutting-Out Organs and Eating the Hearts of Assad’s troops WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO

The video starts out like so many of the dozens coming out of the war in Syria every day, with the camera hovering over the body of a dead Syrian soldier. But the next frame makes it clear why this video, smuggled out of the city of Homs and into Lebanon with a rebel fighter, and obtained by TIME in April, is particularly shocking. In the video a man who is believed to be a rebel commander named Khalid al-Hamad, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Sakkar, bends over the government soldier, knife in hand. He has sliced through the soldier’s fatigues and is working the knife though the pale skin of the soldier’s torso. He has already cut out the man’s heart. The man then cuts another organ free and stands to face the camera, holding an organ in each hand. “I swear we will eat from your hearts and livers, you dogs of Bashar,” he says, referring to supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Off camera, a small crowd can be heard calling out Allahu akbar — God is great. Then the man raises one of the bloodied organs to his lips and starts to tear off a chunk with his teeth.A rebel FSA fighter fires at enemy positions of Assad Forces as skirmishes break out on the front line in Bustan Al Qasr frontline in Aleppo, Syria, April 9, 2013.

Two TIME reporters first saw the video in April in the presence of several of Abu Sakkar’s fighters and supporters, including his brother. They all said the video was authentic. We later obtained a copy. Since then TIME has been trying to ensure that the footage is not digitally manipulated in any way — a faked film like this would be powerful propaganda for the regime, which portrays the rebels as terrorists — and, as yet, TIME has not been able to confirm its integrity. Abu Sakkar has not commented on whether the man in the video is indeed him because he is currently fighting on the front lines in Syria, according to fighters under his command. The video became public on May 12 when it was posted online by a proregime group and is indeed now being used as propaganda by regime supporters (and has already been shared 1,115 times on Facebook and has over 46,000 views on YouTube). These 27 seconds of footage provide a glimpse at how brutal the Syrian war has become — and a startling example of how technology appears to be fueling that brutality.

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25 thoughts on “Demonic Cannibalism Savage Online Videos Fuel Syria’s Descent Into Madness Muslim Rebels shout allahu akbar Cutting-Out Organs and Eating the Hearts of Assad’s troops WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO

  1. Ok, anyone out there still believing the propaganda that Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Jews? Maybe this should be required viewing for all those politically correct Christians, pastors and politicians, that think it’s a good thing to cozy up to a religion that is defined by evil.

    • I agree with you Arlen, but still, look at some of the so called christians that think that war of any kind is not murder, as long as your one of the so called “good guys”. The U.S. government puts it nose in all kinds of world conflicts and most likely starts many, with the preemptive strike mentality, and many christians back this up. Its not christian, its not even Old Testament, eye for an eye. Its I’ll poke your eye before you poke mine, evil. What happened to love your enemies?

      • an eye for an eye is only for the sin of child murder and abortion which is regarded as witchcraft. Christians do not shout hail jesus as they kill their enemies, we understand war is a punishment from God. The people who support these wars do so for earthly reason but not christians. Islam openly fights wars against the unbeliever. Muslims deny the koran tells them to fight unbelievers(non muslims) but this does not play out in the real world. They scream allah ackbar when they do acts of violence. Jesus is the prince of peace. Allah is the god of fortresses. It does not mean all Muslims are bad people but Islam is a violent vengeful religion. Christianity teaches to love your enemies and pray for them.

      • Sometimes war is needed. God had the Israelites war several times in the OT. But as for the wars today. These are not justified. But they are biblical no less. We were told there would be wars and rumors of wars. It all leads up to the end. Of my Christian friends none of us are happy about the wars going on nor are we for them.

      • We are fighting to PROTECT our enemies from themselves. Do you want them to live that way meanie?

      • Ken Faivor: Are you friggin’ kidding me!!! How in the h*ll can the words “but still” even come to your mind? Even for a second??

        You do see this evil thing eating human organs right?

        He’s eating a fellow Syrian…not an know this, right?

        This rebel would be fighting against the guy he’s eating, whether the US was involved or not. You know this, right?

        You know this video has ZERO to do with the Muslim/Christian/US thing, right?

        It is profoundly sad…and disturbing…that you apparently don’t know ANY of this.

    • Arlen,

      You are correct–in fact the Bible states that the Muslim side of the brothers of Ismael and Isaac is like a WILD MAN–and if this doesn’t prove that nothing does!

      I wish I could quote chapter and verse of that line in the Bible–if anyone knows please send it to me! I do know I read it in the Bible!


  2. The crusaders should not have given up so easily. The more I see of islam the more it appears that the early church leaders were right in wanting to exterminate them. When they grow tired of raping and all their women and children they turn on their own animals, and then apparently murder and consume their fellow muslim believers, but still call themselves followers of a religion of peace, religion of pieces is more fitting, human pieces maybe.

    • Neil: I agree, they should have wiped them out. Muslims are satanic and the scum of the earth and even hate and turn on their own people.

      • i think thats a simplistic approach no different from the Muslim brotherhood. the average Muslim is a victim in syria, Its the religion which needs to be wiped out but not through violence by evangelism. Otherwise your no better than the people who you condemn. Generalized statements like wipe em out, are generalizations. this is the type of atitude what lead to the killing of the Jews after the rise of Hitler. If you meant we should wipe out the muslim brother hood i would agree these people are mercenaries who will kill anybody the people of Syria want peace. Assad is under attack by demonic forces armed to the teeth by the West.

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  4. Now I know why the Liar in Chief Hussein sending millions to his Syrian freedom fighters while there is not enough money in the budget for White House tours,etc. priorities man, priorities.

  5. this guy needs to have ar -15 shoved up his rectum and the entire clip unloaded on him, what animals. this is the group that Obama is illegally sending guns to , gun running to crazies.

  6. Marcel in Florida,

    You hit the nail on the head–Obama’s middle name “Hussein” means Destroyer–the same as the previous leader Hussein who was deposed and finally killed!


  7. Muslims are DEMONS, plain and simple! Is it any wonder they wanted to rid the planet of them centuries ago? They are nothing more than a bunch of FILTHY, GREASY, DEMONIC PIGS, who God will throw into the FIRES OF HELL. I just wish He’d HURRY UP ALREADY!!!

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