Queen Elizabeth Being Advised To Abdicate The Throne. Is Queen Elizabeth set to Abdicate in the next few weeks?

British Queen urged to relinquish power because of ill health

The UK’s Queen Elizabeth II has been advised to resign and relinquish power as she gets older and overburdened with a tough schedule to live with, local media reported.
The advice came from former Labour deputy prime minister Lord Prescott, who suggested that “the Queen should think about abdication because she is overburdened at the age of 86”, British media reported.
The former deputy premier added that ‘the monarch was risking her health and deserves a break’.

The high-ranking British official said that the Queen herself might not be sure about her own health after she was recently hospitalized for a stomach bug issue.
Lord Prescott, a member of the Privy Council which advises the Queen, tried to appear affectionate and friendly towards the queen, noting that

“the monarch should break with convention and consider enjoying a long and fulfilling retirement”,

according to the reports.
“His concern was that the Queen, who is 87 next month, is overburdening herself,” he said.
Lord Prescott also referred to the queen’s ongoing ill health because of which she has been increasingly cancelling her public duties recently, saying that “she had done a remarkable job over her 60 years on the throne”.
“My friend noted the monarch would be delivering her 61st queen’s speech in May, where she’ll announce her future trips abroad, on top of her many other public duties.
“So he asked me, as a privy councillor, to tell her that he didn’t expect her to see out her royal duties as the Queen.
“She deserves a break and he wouldn’t think less of her if she stepped down”, said Lord Prescott.
This is while that the queen herself had said on her 21st birthday that she regarded ruling Britain as a job for life.
But Lord Prescott described the fears over the ‘heavy load’ she continues to carry as head of state.
“She has given wise counsel to 12 prime ministers, from [Winston] Churchill to [David] Cameron, and has made her mark on the country she loves,” he said. Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

Internet rumours are swirling allegedly

Queen Elizabeth To Abdicate In Next 3 Weeks

According to reports, Prince Charles will be replacing Queen Elizabeth at the Commonwealth proceedings, even though this will be the first time the Queen will be absent since 1973. Queen Elizabeth will be missing the Commonwealth Meeting for the first time in over 40 years. The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting is scheduled to take place later this year, but the Queen won’t be part of the proceedings because of impending health concerns.  The Queen’s Official Birthday (King’s Official Birthday in the reign of a male monarch) is the selected day on which the birthday of the monarch of the Commonwealth realms (currently Queen Elizabeth II) is officially celebrated in those countries. The date varies as adopted by each Commonwealth country, but is generally around the end of May to the start of June, to coincide with a high probability of fine weather in the Northern Hemisphere for outdoor ceremonies.

The sovereign’s birthday was first officially marked in the United Kingdom in 1748. Since then, the date of the king or queen’s birthday has been determined throughout the British Empire and later the Commonwealth according to either different royal proclamations issued by the sovereign or governor or by statute laws passed by the local parliament. 

Now that Queen Elizabeth II is 87 she’s planning to pass the baton to her son Charles, who has waited longer than any other heir for his time on the British throne.Every well-run firm has to engage in succession planning, but not everyone has to plan for The Succession, as Britain’s royal family is patiently doing.

On Wednesday, Prince Charles, along with his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, accompanied Queen Elizabeth to the houses of parliament for the queen’s speech. Much was made of the fact that it was Charles’s first time to do so for 17 years; even more that the duchess wore a tiara that once belonged to the Queen Mother, loaned for the day by the queen.


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