GM meat and fish set to go on sale: Scientists to press ahead despite public outrage 5 Insane Farm Secrets Behind the Food on Your Grocery List!]

And after this they sinned against the beasts and birds, and all that moves and walks on the earth: and much blood was shed on the earth, and every imagination and desire of men imagined vanity and evil continually

GM meat and fish set to go on sale: Scientists to press ahead despite public outrage

  • Aquabounty salmon set to granted approval in the U.S.
  • Move alarms critics battling to stop expansion of GM crops
  • The first genetically modified meat and fish could be approved this summer.
  • Authorities in the US are expected to grant approval to Aquabounty salmon, which has been modified to grow twice as fast as normal salmon.And experts trying to combat world hunger are calling on the British Government to back the use of GM farm animals on the dinner table here.

    Approved: U.S. authorities have given the go ahead for salmon that grow twice as fast as normal fish, paving the way for the Government to back the use of them here

    The push into GM meat could see the production of giant pigs, hens that have only female chicks and cattle made disease resistant using genes from baboons.But the move will alarm critics of the use of GM technology who are still battling to block the expansion of genetically modified crops. Earlier breakthrough: Dolly the cloned sheep, which was developed by the Roslin Institute Professor Helen Sang, GM animal expert at the Roslin Institute – where Dolly the sheep was cloned – insisted fears surrounding ‘Frankenstein’ foods can be overcome.

    Roslin scientists yesterday called on the Government to support the spread of GM into farm animals but admit there will need to be a change in attitude among British families and retailers.

    They say a new technique of gene editing allows precise changes to be made in animals destined to be eaten.

    Professor Sang said: ‘This is a very exciting time. We have GM animals that have qualities you can’t achieve through conventional animal breeding.

    ‘The problem with GM is that it is seen as mumbo jumbo magic. But if people can understand what the aims are and what we are trying to achieve then they are much more comfortable.‘It is an issue for us that the supermarkets decided many years ago not to sell GM food. They will have to change what they do, which will be a challenge for them. Food production is an international business and so GM animals may become acceptable in other countries before it is accepted here.’The US is expected to approve Aquabounty salmon in the next few weeks. It is produced by inserting a growth hormone gene and another gene taken from the eel-like ocean pout. The fish would be sterile and raised in vast tanks on land rather than in sea cages. Bruce Whitelaw, professor of animal biotechnology at Roslin, said the main priorities of animal breeding companies are to create disease-resistant animals and manipulate the gender of offspring.But Chinese scientists are also working on creating bigger, faster-growing food animals, he said

  • The 'Frankenstein' farmyard

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#4. Super Beef from Giant Genetic Freak Cows

Most of us just think of cows as walking beef. Think about it — if you saw a cow in your yard, you’d assume that it escaped from somebody’s farm. There’s no such thing as wild cows, right? They’re not animals — they exist so we can have steaks. So if that’s true, scientists said, why not go all the way with it and make a giant supercow with lots of extra steak on its bones? Boom:

Behold, the Belgian Blue. Belgian breeders addressed the problem of cows not having enough lean, delicious meat on their bodies by exploiting a gene mutation that produces extra muscle fiber. If a cow and ’70s-era Arnold Schwarzenegger made love, the Belgian Blue would be their baby.

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65 Health Risks of GM Foods

Section 1: Evidence of reactions in animals and humans

1.1 GM potatoes damaged rats
1. Rats were fed potatoes engineered to produce their own insecticide.
2. They developed potentially precancerous cell growth in the digestive tract, inhibited development of their brains, livers and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver, enlarged pancreases and intestines and immune system damage.
3. The cause was not the insecticide, but in all likelihood was the process of genetic engineering.
4. GM foods on the market—which were created with the same process—have not been subject to such an extensive testing protocol.

1.2 Rats fed GM tomatoes got bleeding stomachs, several died
1. Rats were fed the GM FlavrSavr tomato for 28 days.
2. Seven of 20 rats developed stomach lesions (bleeding stomachs); another 7 of 40 died within two weeks and were replaced in the study.
3. The tomato was approved despite unresolved safety questions by FDA scientists.

1.3 Rats fed Bt corn had multiple health problems
1. Rats were fed Monsanto’s Mon 863 Bt corn for 90 days.
2. They showed significant changes in their blood cells, livers and kidneys, which might indicate disease.
3. Although experts demanded follow-up, Monsanto used unscientific, contradictory arguments to dismiss concerns.

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