Inspired By Fallen Angels? Singularity University Is On The Exponential Curve Toward Our Transhuman Future

“The longevity revolution changes everything. Two-thirds of all people who have ever lived past 65 are alive today. There is no trend more predictable today than the rise in older people. Think of the new economic opportunities — self-driving cars, smart windscreens, robots, health, vision, travel and leisure, education…”

It is an intense, stimulating, eclectic experience that bridges the purely theoretical and the real-world business opportunity. SU’s pull allows it to attract world-class lecturers and authorities in their field, as well as practitioners from innovative businesses such as Ekso Bionics and TechShop. And the Nasa location adds a usefully future-facing context. Its teachings are unusually cross-disciplinary. “This is the only place in Silicon Valley where we talk about the future, the grand challenges,” says Vivek Wadhwa, vice president of innovation and research. “We’re thinking forward. Cross the street and the debate is all about social media or big data. Here, computing is a small part of our curriculum. The next decade will be the most innovative decade in human history: technologies are advancing so rapidly, entire industries will be wiped out and new ones created out of nowhere. So there has to be a think tank. That’s what SU is. It’s not a university. We don’t even teach the singularity, other than when Ray talks about it. We don’t think about man-machine convergence or all this sci-fi stuff. We talk about practical implementation of today’s technologies — harnessing advancing technologies to do good for mankind.” more



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