Idaho Professor To Hunt Bigfoot With Drones

By CJ Lotz

Jeff Meldrum, an anthropologist at Idaho State University, is spending $200,000 to scan the Cascades with drones. The unmanned aircraft will use thermal imaging equipment to peer through thick forest in search of Sasquatch.

in the wild

“We’re simply asking a biological question: Is there a species of primate behind the legend of Sasquatch?” he said.

Other professors in the field have called any questions about Bigfoot a “waste of time.” 

Credit Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network
One of Meldrum’s 200 records of suspected Sasquatch footprints.

Jeff Meldrum gets frustrated when he walks into Barnes and Noble. It’s one of the stores that carries his book.

“But if you go into Barnes and Noble and ask for my book, they’ll direct you to the New Age section, you know, somewhere between Bermuda Triangle and crop circles,” he says.

Meldrum tries to tell them: his book is different


Credit Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network
Jeff Meldrum is a professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. He maintains a collection footprint casts, photos and other materials that support his Sasquatch research.

More from Boise State Public Radio.


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