The Debt Ceiling is all About Obamacare


There is nothing more odious in a free society than politicians using the boot of government to make the most basic goods and services unaffordable for the majority of the country, thereby engendering a need for subsidization.  In one fell swoop, representatives who deviate from the Constitution have the ability to destroy the self-respect and quality of life for all but the top 1% – the very people who are reviled by these same politicians.


This is exactly what is transpiring with Obamacare implementation.  That is exactly why Republicans must use the debt ceiling to kill Obamacare while it is extremely unpopular and before its immutable dependency takes effect.


I am one of those people who buy private health insurance and am hurt by the government’s tendentious tax treatment of employer-based insurance.  I am also unlucky enough to live in Maryland, where health premiums are slated to increase as much as 150% after Obamacare is implemented.  Other people who get their insurance from employers are being laid off as a result of the ubiquitous company splits in preparation from the employer mandate.  Still others are being cut back to part time employment.


This is one of those moments where the American people expect Republicans in Washington to lay down in front of the metaphorical Obamacare tanks and stop this assault on freedom.  

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