Why is Germany repatriating its gold? Where is the world’s gold

World Gold News

History says Gold goes to where it is respected.  98 percent of Gold at Federal Reserve Bank of New York is owned by central bank of foreign nations and 2 percent is owned by United States of America.

Germany holds more than 3,000 tons of gold bullion, which represents more than 75 percent of its foreign currency reserves.

Germany build its gold reserves as trade surplus after Second World War. Much of world’s gold is stored in vaults underneath central bank, eighty feet below street level across the bedrock of Manhattan at New FED, and ancient vault’s of Bank of England. The vault was built in early 1920 and is in the basement floor of building. The total value of the New York Federal Reserve’s gold bullion trove of 6700 tones is a staggering $368.5 billion.

Germany accepted payments in the form of gold for its goods and services it…

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