“Crash, Riots & Nuclear Attack”: Pastor Working For Russian Government Reveals Imminent Economic Collapse And Nuke Attack In America

According to Pastors David Herzog and Paul Keith Davis in this special webinar, the United States will soon suffer a complete and total economic collapse, widespread rioting followed by a nuclear attack upon the West Coast. This information was obtained through a Pastor who worked within the Kremlin for the Russian government. He also confirms foreign troops on American soil and the impending martial law crackdown following the collapse/nuke events. Fast-forward to 17:15 for the beginning of this fascinating discussion.


12 thoughts on ““Crash, Riots & Nuclear Attack”: Pastor Working For Russian Government Reveals Imminent Economic Collapse And Nuke Attack In America

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  2. No way! We’re Americans! Don’t you know we’re immune to the laws of economics? And, God is on our side, even though we have just about removed Him from our country. USA.. USA!

  3. We are entering into a time that has never been KNOWN by the populace of the United States. The entire country is heading back to the stone age when the power grid goes down. Only the strong will (and the lucky) survive.

  4. He is not coming for Christians he is coming for a people that is known as the 12 tribes tell me where is there in scripture that Christian are the only ones being cared for by God you people are so arrogant that you can’t see truth do not despise the root you came from don’t you know that the Jews were the ones that were to protect the WORD and bring it forth the 10 tribes were dispersed within the nations and we are here within and amongst the nations.These are the ones YAH is Coming for . Tell me in Revelation where is the Christian gate that you are to walk through to get into the city? There is none it is all the 12 Tribes sorry you need to study. I am a Messianic Jew and you need to hear from the God of Abaraham, Issac and Jacob. And not hthe god of JZEUS you know the god of Greece. Therfe never was a J sound in ANY language until the 1500’s so what was jesus name before the 1500’s it certainly was not jeus he was a JEw and had a JEwish name and I believe he is to be honored enough to be called by HIS real name Yahshua.

  5. I think humans like to be scared. Or at least a certain segment of us. A person can either spend whatever brief time they have left here at peace with their Creator and pursuing healthy positive things -or- obsessing over the next disaster…which never seems to occur. Live their whole lives in anxiety, and then… die, having never witnessed the calamity they anticipated or, even more
    sadly, making provision to meet God.

  6. According to Catholic Mystics, Saints, Stigmatics, and seers:


    – Sister Lucia of Fatima said in 1990: “Russia will attack America”
    – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961) mystic and stigmatic, said in 1959: “Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and will attack America with her “secret” armies”. She also said her visions from heaven showed her that near every major city in the world will be destroyed by either the elements or WW3.

    – Search and read:

    JR Nyquist: For Patriots who Think – a must read
    The Prophecies of Alois Irimaier, Bavarian mystic (1894-1959)
    WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe.
    The Three Day’s Darkness warned by St. Padre Pio and others.

    And their are many many more who have warned that Russia will attack America and Europe in a surprise attack with men, planes, missiles and armaments that the world never realized they were amassing.

    The Plan: According to these mystics was that Russia and China, with their allies (and some of these might surprise you) would attack the West when they anticipated they would be militarily ready. But, God, knowing this was going to “preempt” their plans, that they would be forced by some events, to attack before they were ready, out of anger and rage. What that event or events causing their premature attack is not clear but God in this way gives us a chance.

    Furthermore: Obama’s mission was to prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship, to deplete our financial, military and social resources, and then to launch a Marxist takeover that would at first be hidden on a false flag, or the planned economic collapse.

    – total economic collapse
    – a new a large war in the Middle East
    – naval confrontation in the Med. Sea between American and Russia Warships.
    – Violent civil war and revolution in all the Western countries including America
    – No electricity for over a year to two years, fighting, starvation, no food, water, stores, transportation and when we are in the middle of this chaos Russia and China attack both Europe and America, with the help of traitors within our own government.

    In America we get attacked from five or six sides.

    – Florida: Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, and other Marxist S. A. countries.
    – Mexico: Mexico and the above side with the Russians and secret agreements have already been made and plans.
    – Minn: Largest pop. of Russian and Muslims live in Minn, Dakota’s and Mich.
    – Alaska: Russians try to reach the Can/US border but are stopped by US and Canadian troops.
    – California: A One Million Man Chinese Amphibious Landing (with help from within our own government.

    Obama: who has placed Marxist’s, Foreign Agents, homosexuals, lesbians, Atheists and Muslims in charge of many government agency’s and organization, is planning to open America up to the Russians and Chinese.

    The mystics say all the above plus”

    That God is going to allow our enemies to punish us severely for our sins, for abortion, homosexuality, contraception, divorce, pornography, but most of all for the now “great apostasy” the abandonment of God’s laws and teachings by the hierarchy of the Church, all the way to the top and by the peoples. Most Christians are that only in name any more but not in practice. When all seems lost, when both the Church and world seem lost and doomed, then God will intervene, only when His justice has been appeased, and He will turn the tables. Again, we win in the end, but at a great cost; the mystics say over 3/4 of the world will die and
    WW3 is forced to an abrupt end with the (Three Days Darkness).

    All this is to happen very soon as for now God has, so to speak, stepped back and says: Now see what happens when you abandon Me.

    Earthquakes, storms, etc, in magnitudes never before seen, along with civil war and revolution. Not a soul will not be terrified of what is about to happen. WW3 and the big events will happen very very soon, possibly by this coming spring – but meanwhile we might see some other events, false flags, natural disasters, martial law which will only be a “small” prelude to what is about to happen. When all is over, say the mystics, comes an era of peace and prosperity the world has never seen for a few generations until man again falls and then comes the anti-Christ. As for some who think this is the last pope – there are to be three or four more popes and the next Pope, which might be this coming spring, so soon, will shock the entire church and world, he will return the Church to its former disciplines and teachings, he will condemn popes since Vatican II and the Council as evil, he will issue “seven decrees” condemning all that is evil and bad and restore all that is good – but then the devil says – ok – now I will kill as many as I can as my time is up for now – WAR.

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