Race to 666 the Mark of the Beast

Race to 666 the Mark of the Beast

By Tommy Harkey

If you take no religious stance, do not believe the Bible, do not believe in spirits or their working in the world, if you are not Christian or you have backslidden in your faith, I beg you to still read this all the way out.

First I must say, my heart is broken by the terror that has struck our country recently. Last week was a tough one for most of us. May God bless and comfort those affected by the evil act in Boston. As well, may God bless and comfort the victims and those affected by the West, Texas explosion. Though there seems at this point to be no criminal or suspect activity, given the scope of everything that occurred through the week, it still strikes terror in our hearts. Even through all this, I believe that God is symbolically giving us a warning of what is ahead. Keep in mind the physical is a manifest of the spiritual and that God works everything for His glory, yes, even evil. The Boston Marathon has been known as one of the world’s most renowned foot races. People from all around the world, every country, are represented in this race. It was brought to my attention that the finish line of the marathon was at the location of 666Boylston St. I will bounce back to this at the end of the article.

John warns us in Revelation 13:15-18 & 14:9-11 that in the future One World Order (New World Order), the “beast” system of the Antichrist, “he causeth all to receive a mark intheir right hand, or intheir foreheads: that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name…666.” Consider that we are racing towards a one world order of religion, government and economy. Joe Biden (preceded by the likes of Obama, George and H.W. Bush, Clinton, Reagan, etc.) said it himself just the other day, “…the goal is a New World Order.” This IS their goal. Oh and the one POTUS who put this “goal” on full-out blast, John F. Kennedy, was in the air of conspiracy assassinated. The Jesuit Pope Francis is paving the way for unity of all religion. The UN has divided the world into 10 regions (or “kingdoms” as the 10 crowned-horns of the Rev. 13 beast out of the sea represents). The EU council’s seat #666is vacant for a “great leader.” The world fiat currencies (paper, fake “money”) are on the verge of complete, orchestrated collapse while secretly the big bankers and globalist leaders are stocking themselves with physical assets, such as gold and silver (real money). This is all researchable fact.  more


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