Gold-Stock Panic Levels

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Gold stocks have to be the most despised sector in all the markets.  Mainstreamers barely even know they exist, while even the vast majority of so-called contrarians scorn them.  The sheer contempt for this sector is amazing considering gold stocks were almost certainly the best-performing sector of the past decade.  This universal antipathy has driven them to panic levels, by far the markets’ best fundamental bargains.


Gold stocks weren’t always held in derision.  From November 2000 to September 2011, the flagship gold-stock index known by its symbol HUI catapulted an astounding 1664.4% higher!  This was over a very long 10.8-yearsecular-bear span where the broad stock markets as measured by the mighty S&P 500 fell 14.2%.  After multiplying their investors’ wealth by 18x, they should have been the most-popular sector.


But Wall Street has always hated gold, so there has never been adequate or fair coverage of the…

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