Mayor Bloomberg Says America Needs to Change the Constitution in Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing

NYC Mayor Bloomberg has shown he is often delusionalwhen it comes to his role as a public servant. He has proven to be a far better servant of the elite and their police state measures every chance he gets.

As the Occupy Wall Street protests gathered momentum, it was Bloomberg who attacked activists with charges of undermining the economy and tourism. When police turned to pepper spray and beatings (caught clearly on film), no condemnation was forthcoming.

(Incidentally, a Manhattan court has just ruled that there will be no charges issued against these officers since, using force is “part of their job.”)

Rather than reign in his out-of control police, premeditated mass arrests ensued which drew lawsuits from protesters. Now, more than a decade after 9/11, New York currently stands as one of the most high-tech militarized cities on the planet, in addition to having carte blanche to impose a whole range of unconstitutional measures across the city. Nevertheless, Bloomberg apparently still feels restricted by that quaint document some know as the formative rule of law upon which citizens can depend for their safety. Rather, he suggests that it is he and his police state that should provide additional protection.

Bloomberg recently invoked 9/11, yet again, in order to echo concerns surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombings and the world in which we live. As Politicker reports:

“But we live in a complex world where you’re going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.

“…we live in a very dangerous world. We know there are people who want to take away our freedoms. New Yorkers probably know that as much if not more than anybody else after the terrible tragedy of 9/11,” he said. 

“We have to understand that in the world going forward, we’re going to have more cameras and that kind of stuff. That’s good in some sense, but it’s different from what we are used to,” he said. full story


3 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg Says America Needs to Change the Constitution in Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing

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  2. TREASON is an executionable offence, and the demons running new york city know it,ITS just to bad the US MILITARY was sold to the UN,cause if they still worked for america,these tratiors would be rounded up and hanged for treason…………………….

  3. CONSIDERING the condition america is in,IF you don’t see these terrorist running our government pushing for war in the streets of america,WELL YOUR STILL BLIND,don’t worry ,when the russians are given the order to open fire ,YOU’LL WAKE UP THEN,OR DIE,the government has been taken over and only a fool can’t see that,NOW GET READY,its going to be a bloodbath,all because the people refuse to believe what their seeing,THE BELLS ARE ALL RINGING,and there saying WAR IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA,wake up,wake up………………….

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