singularity calling Samsung Demos a Tablet Controlled by Your Brain using the power of thought : Escape the Hive Mind:

One day, we may be able to check e-mail or call a friend without ever touching a screen or even speaking to a disembodied helper. Samsung is researching how to bring mind control to its mobile devices with the hope of developing ways for people with mobility impairments to connect to the world. The ultimate goal of the project, say researchers in the company’s Emerging Technology Lab, is to broaden the ways in which all people can interact with devices.

In collaboration with Roozbeh Jafari, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas, Dallas, Samsung researchers are testing how people can use their thoughts to launch an application, select a contact, select a song from a playlist, or power up or down a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. While Samsung has no immediate plans to offer a brain-controlled phone, the early-stage research, which involves a cap studded with EEG-monitoring electrodes, shows how a brain-computer interface could help people with mobility issues complete tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

Brain-computer interfaces that monitor brainwaves through EEG have already made their way to the market. NeuroSky’s headset uses EEG readings as well as electromyography to pick up signals about a person’s level of concentration to control toys and games (see “Next-Generation Toys Read Brain Waves, May Help Kids Focus”). Emotiv Systems sells a headset that reads EEG and facial expression to enhance the experience of gaming (see “Mind-Reading Game Controller”).

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Escape the Hive Mind

Insanity is the enemy of sanity.
Shut it off.
Lies are the enemy of truth.
Shut them out.
The hive mind is “the Matrix”

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

How should we react to the hysteria orchestrated by the Illuminati?

Do we sit glued to the TV waiting for the latest developments in the search for patsies to blame for the Boston (Aurora, Newtown etc.) massacre?

The TV monitors are everywhere now. Everyone has smart phones. Never has the “hive” been so prevalent.

hive.jpgMy reaction is to maintain a healthy distance. Turn off the gadgets and disconnect the hive mind – See full story:

“It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is
perceived to be true.” – Henry Kissinger 
– See more at:


The pooch perspective: The camera that reveals where your dog REALLY goes when you let it off the lead

The pooch perspective: The dog-cam that reveals where your dog REALLY goesDog-lovers can see their daily walkies from a fresh perspective thanks to Sony’s special harness, which lets them mount a video camera on their pet’s back.

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