Is this evidence of Bigfoot? Police baffled by giant decomposed foot found in US wood

Is this giant, decomposed foot evidence of the existence of Sasquatch?

NEW Tests are being carried out on the mysterious remains (main picture), which two boys stumbled across in woodland in Quincy, Massachusetts, U.S. Lakeville Police Department have sent the decomposed foot to a medical examiner in the hope they can shed more light on exactly what kind of creature it belonged to. The size of the foot has fuelled speculation over whether it could be proof of the existence of the fabled Bigfoot (inset in an apparent sighting in California in the 1960s). …read

Sasquatch: Roger Patterson claimed to have caught Bigfoot on camera in California in 1967


4 thoughts on “Is this evidence of Bigfoot? Police baffled by giant decomposed foot found in US wood

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  2. it looks like a bear paw to me. When a bear is killed in say Canada and the person wants it mounted. The guide will skin the bear out but cut off the foot at the ankle or wrist. When it is delivered to the Taxidermist it is skinned the rest of the way but the claw is cut from the rest of the bones and left with the skin. You can see that in the photo as well as the cut at the wrist, as that is a front paw. A similar incident happened outside of cleveland, ohio years ago. The taxidermist buried the feet in a flower bed. A dog dug up one of the feet and carried it away. When it was found by people that had no idea what it was assumed it was human (it was a small bear foot). The police tried to find the “missing person” until it was found by testing to be a bear. the taxidermist kept his mouth shut,

  3. I read an article maybe ten years ago… A family came out after there father had died and said he was the one pretending to be big foot. Had the costumes and all. I have no clue why that is now buried and these false claims come out.

    • Because the claim the family made was false. There were no costumes produced. Since film enhancement technology has increased so much since 1968, experts have determined the film has not been altered in anyway, and Hollywood special affects experts have said they did not have the costume technology to fake something like that. It is video proof of a live animal, as yet undetermined by science.

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