DEFCON 2: North Korean video depicts launch of 4 nuclear missiles on U.S.

The Extinction Protocol

One event away from catastrophe: While most Americans go about their daily business; few have any idea just how dangerous events on the Korean peninsula have become in recent days. Escalating events may soon force the U.S. into pre-emptive defense posture.
April 13, 2013NORTH KOREAA video released by Saturday by North Korea shows nuclear launches against the United States reaching four sites, including Washington, D.C., California, Hawaii and what the announcer describes as Colorado Springs, but which looks like Arkansas. U.S. officials were clear they did not believe the belligerent nation has missiles capable of reaching the United States. The video was released Saturday on Uriminzokkiri, a North Korean government web site. In it, each of the U.S. targets explodes into a ball of flames as the missiles strike on the map. The Colorado Springs attack is presumably because the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is located near there…

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