is it planet x what is it


This is bizarre; I’m certainly not one who believes outright in a Planet X or Nibiru. However, I’ve always been one who believes that we are being lied to about something by NASA and the US government. So, what is this ‘object’ that appears to be emerging from behind the sun today on SOHO? I’ll leave this one up to the experts, and the armchair astrologers; what is it at the 3 o’clock position in these pictures that appears to be peaking out from behind the explosion on the right hand side of the sun? UFO? Just an anomaly? Another ‘planetary’ body? See more SOHO Lasco C2 images here.

The video below shares that massive activities continue on our sun today (April 12th, 2013)



4 thoughts on “is it planet x what is it

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  3. THE weather channel hires lieing whores from new your city,they search the back alleys,till they find one who will look good on TV,they bring them back to phoneix for training,THEY’VE KNOWN ABOUT ,NIBIRU for 50 years,they been digging underground cities for that long to,FOR THEM,WITH OUR MONEY,so get ready,cause its coming,I know it,they know it,NOW YOU KNOW IT……..REMEMBER,no one in government tells the truth,their all devil worshippers and demons,AND DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU “AT ALL” …..remember you were warned…………..

  4. IS nibiru coming YES,will it be here soon,YES,look at the weather and earthquakes,all warning signs of its arrival,many people have been putting up warning video’s about its coming,most don’t believe it,they will all die,no food,no water,no supplies,and after the major earthquakes it will cause as it passes us,the fema death camps will be full,watch your government ,are they acting bad,hahaha,NOW YOU KNOW WHY,they know your going to die and they are planning to take all your stuff,you spent a life time working for,and you made one little mistake,NIBIRU,you weren’t paying attention,and here it comes and you weren’t ready………………..

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