By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 12, 2013

Long before Obama’s manipulation and lies surrounding the Connecticut shooting and his drooling about gun control…the plans were afoot.

Enemies must be defined and elevated in danger status

To this day Obama has been campaigning and flooding schools with the propaganda that our 2nd amendment is dangerous and taken out of context. Obama is yapping everywhere that gun owners are dangerous and controls are necessary. Gun control bills will support kiddies and schools, not evil gun owners. They seem to like violence and don’t see the bigger picture. Bla bla and bla.

From Connecticut on, Obama and his progressive whores saw the opportunity to hide behind the kiddies, manipulate and ‘shame attack’ the Representatives and Senators into 2nd amendment – crushing legislation. We saw Feinstein rise up from her cauldron and demand hundreds of gun types to be banned along with assault weapons and large magazines.

Endless controlling legislation has been thrown around, debated and threatened. All, with Obama’s lead hiding behind the shirttails of the kiddies and few ‘acting’ parents who stand with Obama. All who stand against Obama and dare a filibuster don’t want child safety you know.

Now we see Harry Reid ready to throw another nightmare bill out for a vote (we shall see), which promises a 5-year prison sentence if your gun is lost or stolen and you don’t report it within 24 hours to the police or Holder. My question: What about the gun that is stolen by the cleaning person, visiting nephew or Grandson who grabs a gun out of Grandpa or Dad’s long held collection. If you are like me, most of us don’t stare at our gun collections or hand me downs everyday. You may not even know if a gun is missing for 6 months or a year. My guess is that would describe MOST the people who had a gun missing.



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