GOD’S RULES PUT LOS ANGELES ON NOTICE Billboard of 10 Commandments hits highway near airport


Billboard of 10 Commandments hits highway near airport

First it was Las Vegas. Then Nashville. Then Jacksonville. And now the Los Angeles area has been put on notice how to behave with a billboard carrying God’s rules: the Ten Commandments.

The newly erected sign is along the Century Freeway in the city of Lynwood.

The Ten Commandments appear under the headline “Thus Saith the Lord,” and are part of a nationwide effort to re-introduce Americans to the Ten Commandments, and awaken both believers and non-believers to the evil that abounds in America.

Previously the billboards have appeared in Las Vegas, Nashville and Jacksonville.

The effort has been assembled by Joseph Farah, Founder and CEO of WND.com, and WND Books, and is intended to place the Ten Commandments in front of more American eyes than ever before.

Under attack from “civil rights” organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union for years, and removed from schools, public buildings and even some churches, the message on the tablets handed to Moses seemed to be fading.


But not quite yet.

Farah pointed to a recent loss by the ACLU in an effort to remove the Ten Commandments from a courthouse in Dixie County, Fla.

Senior U.S. District Judge Maurice M. Paul dismissed the case when an anonymous North Carolina man who complained about the message didn’t move to the county. Liberty Counsel attorney Harry Mihet said, “We went from an order that ‘the monument goes and you have to pay $130,000 to the ACLU,’ to ‘the monument stays, and the ACLU has to pay a total of $3,600.’”

The five-foot-tall 12,000-pound monument was erected at the top of the courthouse steps in 2006 after Joe Anderson Jr., chairman and founder of Lake City-based road builder Anderson Columbia, purchased it for $20,000. He has not only funded several other Ten Commandments monuments in Florida, but also a “revival” mobile display. It’s parked somewhere until legal threats arise, and then it takes off down the road.

See the message in Jacksonville, Fla.

Ten Commandments billboard near the Hard Rock Cafe on Paradise Road in Las Vegas

Farah is erecting Ten Commandments billboards all over the country, and he said with the help of donations, hundreds of billboards can be placed.

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One thought on “GOD’S RULES PUT LOS ANGELES ON NOTICE Billboard of 10 Commandments hits highway near airport

  1. Yeeehahaaarr! I hope this concept takes off in every city and town, but I fear this country and the rest of western society has collectively surrendered to luciferian dogma and fuck the naacp, glaad, aclu, splc, adl and the rest of the marxist librul hive mind

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