Take heart! The left will soon be extinct

author-imageLORD MONCKTON

Take heart! The left will soon be extinct
WHANGARAI, New Zealand – As the GOP rebuilds itself after two drubbings at the hands of a Kenyan communist whose policies are as bogus as his “birth certificate” and as bankrupt as his treasury, it should take courage and show it. For the left is finished.

Every one of the major policies espoused with such vicious venom by the international hard left is now proving to be a failure. Read the rap sheet of the fascism and Marxism in which Black Jesus has immersed himself since his name was Soetero, aka Soebarkah, and he was (as he still is) a citizen of Indonesia:

Genocide: The ruthless, totalitarian extremism of Guevara, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot et hoc genus omne killed 100 million in the 20th century and continues to victimize working people everywhere. The left have killed more people worldwide than any other political movement in history.

Criminal negligence: The welfare state, supposedly the human face of the left, has proven to be a cruel disaster. The poor, the supposed beneficiaries of the taxpayer’s involuntary largesse, have been imprisoned in incurable, institutionalized poverty and unemployment, sometimes for three or four successive generations.

Criminal bankruptcy: The money to pay for the welfare state has run out. Cyprus is one of the earliest signs that every welfare state becomes a bankrupt state. The re-election of Obama – who has now borrowed more money than all the real presidents of the United States since Washington added together – happened not merely because the Republicans (for the second time in a row) chose the one candidate who had no chance of defeating him. It happened because the fast-growing gaggle of turkeys on the taxpayer’s dime were not going to vote for Thanksgiving.

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