Civil War And The Litmus Test – “Will you shoot Americans?” Obama’s America Becoming a Police State and the headcam that turns every policeman into a Robocop

Obama’s America Becoming a Police State

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Bob Russell

Conservative Daily News

“Will you shoot Americans?”

The video link here is beyond chilling.  The most chilling aspect of its beginning is the looks on the faces of the people.  These are people who seem to be surprised and confused.  These things don’t happen
here!  It often seems as though things happen overnight but it doesn’t happen that way.

Tyranny doesn’t happen over-night.  It happens in a series of events that build on themselves until you wake up one morning and life as you know it is gone forever, liberty is a thing of the past.  Adolph Hitler didn’t just start rounding up Jews on a whim.  He spent years putting the infrastructure in place to install his totalitarian state.  They had control of everything; the media, the child indoctrination centers they referred to as “public schools”, the monetary and economic structure, and national and local police departments.  Hitler and his henchmen made Jews the scapegoats.  Friends and neighbors soon began to hate Jews for who they were. German citizens bought into the blame game and generations of co-existence was gone in 6 years, all due to propaganda in the government controlled media and the government controlled schools.

The Aryan German people let Hitler have the Jews, and even helped him, because he was leaving them alone.  Then one day he struck; swiftly, efficiently, thoroughly, and without warning!!  The average German citizen woke up and found the Gestapo at their door because a disagreement over a debt, or a minor insult to a neighbor orhitler4 stranger led to them being denounced as traitors over a grudge.  The Gestapo kicked in their door and dragged them out into the street.  Some were shot dead on the spot; some were taken to prisons and tortured by sadists seeking information that didn’t exist. Most were never seen again.

This happened to your everyday, patriotic German citizens.  They had gone about their lives, ignoring or accepting the things that happened over the years as Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Goering, Heydrich, and the rest ignored the rights of citizens and passed decrees that were “unlawful”.  Unlawful to whom???  Hitler didn’t see rounding up, “enemies of the state”, and shooting them as “unlawful”.

Obama’s America Becoming a Police State.

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From the people who brought you the Taser, the headcam that turns every policeman into a Robocop

taser comp.jpg

Police officers could soon be equipped with cameras attached to their uniform recording incidents as they happen and providing valuable evidence in the fight against crime. Taser claim the Axon Flex will help provide greater transparency in incidents where officers are accused of over-reacting and will help save police forces on expensive litigation.

Once switched on, the camera operates constantly, for up to 12 hours. But it only begins recording when the officer presses a quarter-sized button on the front of the control unit. 

Then it captures the previous 30 seconds of video only, without audio, before beginning full audio-and-video recording.

You really can’t overstate how much liability could be decreased with the use of these devices,’ he said.


Left: The Axon Flex system is modeled on an officer and, right, the interface for the platofrm


5 thoughts on “Civil War And The Litmus Test – “Will you shoot Americans?” Obama’s America Becoming a Police State and the headcam that turns every policeman into a Robocop

  1. They create soft tissue tumors. There not safe and will develop tumors in the temple of who uses them for long periods of time.

  2. Hughes Aircraft in 1964 developed these and the studies say so. Because the waves are micro they easily penetrate the skull.

    Remember the old saying. If you play with it you might go blind!

  3. Pingback: Anonymous

  4. THIS CRAP,AIN’T NOTHING BUT A ‘DOG AND PONY SHOW’ anyone who would fall for this,probaly only has an IQ OF 50,the police gangs aren’t going to show anyone ,them killing ‘cockroches’..,yea thats what they call the citizens they were hired to protect,is our memory so bad now we forgot who they were using for target practice,women, children,old people,pregnant women,come on america ,WAKE UP,stop letting these killers con you,they fully intend to help the russians and chinese take over america,they’ll do what their told to do right up to the time their killed my their own boss,the russians………………………

  5. THEY CAN’T READ,THEY CAN’T WRITE,THEY WERE HAND PICKED FOR THEIR LOW MENTIAL ABILITY,all they have to do is be able to follow orders,and fire their weapons in the right direction,STOP TRUSTING THESE KILLERS,there must be a thousand video’s on the internet warning you what their going to do to you and your family,WOE TO THE WOMEN who thought they didn’t need a husband,and now they will be completely unprotected………..go ahead,give your weapons to OBAMA the anti-christ,take the mark of the beast,wind up in hell,who cares right………………….WOE,WOE,WOE,mystery babylon the great has fallen…………………..

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