GOLD-RUN: “THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE OUNCE OF GOLD AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN BANGKOK!” Jim willie Zero Interest Rates is Not Economic Stimulus, Rather a Death Knell

count down to zero-time

EVERY Gold-shop in Bangkok is out of Bullion…there is not 1 single ounce of gold bullion available for purchase in the entire city of Bangkok!  The Gold is going down in price like everyone is selling.. while there is no Phyzz to buy at all in all Thailand!

Today when I walked by a Gold-shop here in Bangkok, there was a long queue outside.
Since I’m curious and also have seen how the cartel has smashed down the Gold the last 2 days I walked in and asked whats happening…
and not 1 ounce is possible to buy. (they only have some jewellery for sell)
To buy Bullion you must order and wait (at least) 5 days.. and you can only order 2.5 ounce per person.
And they stopped taking orders at 3pm today as well.

I saw later long long queue outside many Gold-shops.. and the info I got was…

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