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Doug Woodward On How Easily The World Will Be Duped By An ‘Alien Invasion’
One can only hope that the air on Mars is at least as breathable as it was in the Andes volcano! Nevertheless, despite any exaggeration I may have allowed to infiltrate actual history in the last section of this article, we can safely attribute the miracle of wireless technology to both Tesla and Marconi. Every time we hear a radio, watch television, even use our cellular phones (another technology altogether, but erected on the telecommunications building blocks established 120 years prior), we can thank Tesla and Marconi. At the same time, we may wonder whether they actually spoke with intelligent beings on other worlds. Did they talk to the Martians-gone-underground? Or were they fooled by ultra-dimensional (spiritual) entities equally eager to demonstrate their own capacity to commune wirelessly regarding life on other worlds – even though their responses to inquiry were mostly misleading if not out-and-out poppycock?

Astrobiologists Discover Fossils In Meteorite Fragments, Confirming ET
Researchers in the United Kingdom have found algae-like fossils in meteorite fragments that landed in Sri Lanka last year. This is the strongest evidence yet of cometary panspermia — that life on Earth began when a meteorite containing simple organisms landed here, billions of years ago — and, perhaps more importantly, that there’s life elsewhere in the universe. In December 2012, a fireball was seen over the skies of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. Over the following few days, fragments of the fireball were collected and sent to Sri Lanka’s Medical Research Institute, where initial microscopic analysis revealed siliceous microalgae known as diatoms. As you can imagine, with this being the first ever evidence that life might’ve arrived on Earth via a meteorite, the scientific community was skeptical of the results — and so some fragments were sent to Cardiff University in Wales for further analysis. The researchers at Cardiff are now reporting that they’re sure that these fragments come from an extraterrestrial meteorite — and that there are definitely “fossilized biological structures” within them. Panspermia, it seems, is a go.

Shape-Shifting Neutrinos — Another Challenge To The Prevailing Standard Model Of Physics 
Among the unsolved mysteries confronting 21st century physics from gravitational waves to dark energy, neutrinos -the “ghosts of the cosmos”- are near the top of the list. These awesomely low-mass subatomic particles, less than a millionth of the mass of electrons, play a key role in weak interactions and come three flavors: electron, muon, and tau. Stars actively flood the universe with new neutrinos along with ancient particles created some two seconds after the Big Bang. CERN announced this week that a muon-type neutrino dispatched from the CERN research laboratory near Geneva had arrived as a tau neutrino at the INFN Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy, 730 kilometres (450 miles) away. It is only the third time that the mutation has been observed by the OPERA experiment, an international project launched in 2001 specifically to detect the bizarre change.

Clones Of Clones Make Clones
Since the first reports of successful cloning of mammals by somatic cell nuclear transfer, concerns have been raised about the efficiency and repeatability of cloning techniques, and the health of cloned offspring. Although it has been showed since the early 2000s that cloned animals can themselves be cloned, the efficiency of SCNT appeared to taper with each successive generation, leading some to speculate that there might be an inherent limit to cloning from clones due to the accumulation of genetic errors. Now, however, a new report by the Laboratory for Genomic Reprogramming (Teruhiko Wakayama, Team Leader) shows that mice can be cloned successively for at least 25 generations. Published in Cell Stem Cell, this work by Wakayama, now at the University of Yamanashi, suggests that there is no inherent limit to SCNT repeatability, given sufficiently efficient methods.

Superdangerous Nanotechnology Will Turn Mankind Into “Something Else Entirely”
Nanotech is intrinsically muchmore dangerous then biotech.For example, although organisms can easily be evolved to synthesize metallic or anyways highly complex compound-material nanostructures (just look at your teeth), nature has never touched metallic crystals as bio-catalysts; and for good reasons: they are so reactive that nature could never before handle them. There are ethics committees and conferences on governance and oversight and all the usual nonsense that is primarily there for show and the careers of the involved, but none of it can have any substantially directing effect on future evolution, which will go on in its integration of the technological substrate into the biosphere. Human participation, previously vital for advanced social and technological evolution, is now turning from being an already overabundant resource, shaped and discarded much like any other cheap material, to something that rather resembles a polluting byproduct. In a large fraction of futures, it will stay around abundantly for a while, like oxygen did, but there is no consistent future in which humans will not have been altered to be basically something else entirely…
Top Author Anthony Horowitz: The Internet Has Unlocked Something Evil In Humanity 
Acclaimed author Anthony Horowitz believes parts of the internet are ‘foul, disgusting and cruel’ and that ‘evil is getting the upper hand’. In a powerful speech yesterday, the best-selling children’s adventure writer said the web ‘unlocked something quite dark in humanity’.The 57-year-old creator of the Alex Rider and The Power of Five series said there is a ‘constant struggle within  people themselves and society for good and evil’ and that the internet is part of this.‘In the last few years every single pillar of society has collapsed one after the other. I can’t remember as a boy growing up that so many  pillars were found to be so rotten. It does bother me that evil is getting the upper hand.’ 


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