Why Did the Virgin Mary Choose RUSSIA? Earth-Shaking Promises from Heaven about Russia

Have you ever wondered why Our Lady of Fatima singled out Russia, and only Russia, as a country destined by God for a great future, perhaps as the most Christian nation in the world?

Why would the Mother of God come to a lonely field in Portugal in 1917 and tell three shepherd children that Russia, which they had never even heard of, would soon become the first officially godless state in all of history?  And why did God crown her appearances and validate her words with the most spectacular miracle since biblical times, the great Miracle of the Sun?

Dr. Joseph Garrett, Professor of Natural Sciences at Coimbra University in Portugal, personally witnessed this prodigy:  “[The sun] did not remain immobile . . . for it spun around on itself in a mad whirl. . . .  The sun, whirling, seemed to loosen itself from the sky and advance threateningly on the earth as if to crush us with its huge, fiery weight.  The sensations during these moments were terrible

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3 thoughts on “Why Did the Virgin Mary Choose RUSSIA? Earth-Shaking Promises from Heaven about Russia

  1. There is much to know about this really God picked Russia thru his Mother one interesting truth is the body guard for the Russian czar has in his book that during the reign of pope Leo XIII russia was negotiating to bring Russia in full communion with Rome but the papal nuncio was killed that ended that so the rothschilds where able to move forward against the czar just like in France lucifer and his minions had a open door heaven knew there efforts failed for now so came Fatima and that got betrayed because the enemy’s of Christ where well placed as of even now look up Our Lady of Lassalette she came she warned in 1846 it was completed in 1963 a black mass in the popes chapel enthroning lucifer and then up pops the symbol the broken cross mark of the beast the new papal closure the greatest conspiracy is in broad daylight look up Father Luigi Villa he tells so much in his books all true

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