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A big news story came out of Tuesday’s March for Marriage demonstration in Washington, D.C. But it didn’t make “news” in the major media. As one who covered the event, it was significant that there were so many members of minority groups. This was not a mostly white crowd. In addition to the presence of black, Hispanic and Asian supporters of traditional marriage, there were some notable Democrats, such as New York State Senator Ruben Díaz, and he let people know he was several minorities in one.

“I’m Puerto Rican,” he said. “I’m black, with kinky hair. I am a Democrat and I am a senator. I’m against abortion. I’m against same-sex marriage, and I won the last election with 89 percent of the vote.”

J.C. Derrick of World magazine has a good analysis of how the major media, led by The Washington Post, virtually ignored the March for Marriage. But unless you actually see what happened on the ground, as the thousands of traditional marriage supporters held their demonstration, you would miss the true significance of how dishonest the media’s coverage of this issue has become.


By Attorney Rees Lloyd
March 30, 2013

For the first time in some twelve years, Americans will be able to exercise their First Amendment Free Exercise of Religion rights by attending Easter Sunrise Services at the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial – with the Cross established there by veterans to honor veterans once again intact.

The Cross was resurrected on Sunrise Rock on Veterans Day, 2012, after the extremist ACLU, which has become the Taliban of Liberal Secularism, surrendered in its fanatical efforts to destroy the Cross for almost a dozen years.

The Cross that the ACLU sought so intolerantly to destroy was established in 1934 on a rock outcrop known as Sunrise Rock by members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to honor their comrade veterans of WWI. It is almost twelve miles off the highway down Cima Road in the Mojave Desert. One has to drive to it to be offended by it. Nonetheless, the extremists of the ACLU sued for over a decade to destroy it as an alleged violation of the Establishment of Religion Clause.

The ACLU first obtained an order to destroy the cross in 2002 from the U.S. District Court in Riverside, CA. That triggered a fightback against the ACLU by the American Legion, the largest wartime veterans organization in the world with 2.4-million members in some 14,000 Posts, the VFW, and other veterans organizations, aided by non-profit public interest law centers dedicated to defending religious freedom.

The Legion’s fightback began when a resolution I wrote entitled “Preserve Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial,” was adopted by my Post 79 and District 21 in Riverside County, CA, in 2003, and by the National American Legion Convention in 2004 sponsored by the Department of California. That Resolution No. 326 authorized what became the Legion’s nationwide crusade to stop the ACLU’s cross-destroying attacks on veterans memorials, under the slogan “For God And Country Forever; Surrender To The ACLU—Never!”


By: Devvy
March 30, 2013

Since the unspeakable horror in Newtown, CT, last December, the lackeys who serve the ruling elite have stepped up efforts to ban specific types of weapons. There has never been any question the desired goal is to disarm we the people because the Second Amendment is the only thing standing between us and those who wish to rule us with an iron fist.

Efforts to nullify the Second Amendment have been stepped up with the usual cast of clowns releasing more flatulence than a massive herd of cattle:

 Rev. Jackson: Some ‘Anti-American People’ Arming Themselves in U.S.Have ‘Confederate Ideology’
 Michael Moore: ‘Calm Down, White People, and Put Away Your Guns’
 Politico Reporter: LaPierre Is ‘Tired, Old White Guy That Is Clinging on to Something of the Past’ (Another empty-headed female)
 Belafonte blasts ‘white America’ for black gun crimes -NAACP forum used to attack 2nd Amendment ‘carnage’ in cities

Al Sharpton: “People Do Not Have The Right To Unregulated Rights In This Country”

“Sharpton and other black leaders were meeting and then held a press conference. In that press conference, Sharpton said, “Absolutely, I mean if you look at the Second Amendment it was that you would have militia to protect yourself in case the government came and attacked citizens. First of all, if the government were to come to disarm you, you would not be able to use an automatic weapon to defend yourself. Let’s be serious. We’re in a world of drones now so the Second Amendment would not help you in that area. It is absurd to try to cite that.

The Three Stages of a Revolution

revolution 4


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