Latest Non-Lethal Weapons Arsenal … That Can Kill


Dees Illustration

Nicholas West
Activist Post

A lot of attention has been paid recently to the massive buildup of lethal weapons purchased by DHS and the ongoing government secrecy about the stockpile. When combined with the increasing rhetoric against anyone professing a love of independence, there is rightful concern that this weapons hoard will be turned inward upon the American “Patriot.”

Many argue that, in the end, most military and police will not wage war on their own, even despite overwhelming evidence that they are training for such a scenario, i.e. using “no more hesitation” pictures of elderly men, pregnant women and even children as target practice. Add to that the recent letter issued from a retired U.S. Army Captain that, yes, DHS is prepping for war on Americans, and only cognitive dissonance remains for not answering the wake-up call.

The transfer of weapons of war such as drones from foreign to domestic use should be seen as a natural expansion of any imperial government that is actively taking steps to desensitize military, police, and the domestic public to crossing paths in a very hostile manner. Combine this with a battle over gun rights and we see a public being disarmed, while the central government is hoarding ammunition at the highest levels. Now it is being reported that local police are actually experiencing a shortage of ammunition as a consequence of gun owners and DHS rushing to prepare for something neither can define, but both can feel is imminent.

So-called “non-lethal” weapons have almost been forgotten about in the wake of the far worse possibilities presented by weaponized drones and civil war. These non-lethal weapons have a history dating back to 1930s Germany, which has now extended into nearly all democratic countries as a means of intimidating protesters, culminating with the widespread acceptance of pepper spray – a chemical weapon that is stated as such by the founder of the product. (Source)


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