As BRIC Countries Unite in their Hatred of the Dollar Is the west antagonizing Russia and Putin deliberately to trigger a war.Putin’s armed bodyguards fight with security at summit in South Africa

Putin’s armed bodyguards fight with security at summit in South Africa after being told to put ‘nuclear suitcase’ through X-ray

  • Russian president was attending BRICS summit in Durban
  • Bodyguards ordered to scan suitcase containing nuclear launch codes
  • Guards started ‘pushing and shoving’ after being told to leave summit

Conflict: A South African security guard pushes Putin's bodyguards out of the convention hallAt one point, heavy-handed South African security also tried to block Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov – one of the world’s most senior diplomats – from entering, it was claimed.

Fight: Vladimir Putin's bodyguards were involved in a punch-up at the BRICS summit in South Africa

Amid angry misunderstandings, it became physical with ‘Putin’s security pushing the Africans out of the away, and the Africans pushing Putin’s back’, said Russian journalist Victoria Prikhodko.

‘I must say that the African security man was half the size of the Russian – but then he had a machine-gun in his hands which in the end helped him to push both our protocol and our security.’

When they tried to block Lavrov ‘our security re-started the fight’, she said. ‘Luckily they didn’t get into a full-size scuffle, ending up with pushing and poking each other.’

BRIC Countries: Unified in their Hatred of the Dollar

Group: All five BRICS leaders, including Manmohan Singh of India, pose for a picture together today

The BRIC ETF (EEB) and the US dollar have an inverse relationship; that is when the dollar is going down, the BRIC ETF is going up and vice versa. So it makes sense that some of the BRIC countries would like us to have a weak dollar. But yet we always hear that China is concerned about our weak dollar? What gives? What do they want from the dollar?
When Goldman Sachs coined the term “BRIC” (Brazil, Russia, India, China) for the fastest-growing developing economies in the world in 2001, I highly doubt that they thought that within 10 years these countries would actually take their advice and form a coalition.And yet here we are.The first BRIC summit occurred this week and went largely unnoticed. More of a symbolic meeting than anything else, the one topic on everyone’s mind was what to do about the US dollar?Why was the meeting symbolic?Because the BRIC economies have absolutely nothing in common!The only common factor they have is that they hate having the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.Let’s face it, these countries speak 4 different languages and are on 3 different continents bordered by 3 different oceans.One country is communist, another formerly was, and the others are republics.Half of BRIC are commodity producers (Brussia) and the other half are end users (Chindia).With this in mind, one would think they would have different reactions to the strength of the US Dollar.But surprisingly they all seem to be on the same page.

Russians Furious as savings could be raided across Eurozone: As finance chief warns more EU taxpayers could be targeted after Cyprus, who’s next for a brutal ‘haircut’?Markets take fright at cyprus bailout model Riot police clash with protestors in Greece

Jeroen Dijsselbloem (centre), pictured announcing the deal with IMF chief Christine Lagarde (left) and EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn (right), warned that more Cyprus-style bailouts could be needed Savers in the eurozone could see their bank accounts raided in the struggle to shore up the single currency, a senior EU official […]

MEDIA ADMITS WE ARE AT WAR WITH RUSSIA If Cyprus falls into Putin’s grip, the West will have lost the first battle in the new Cold War ,

That skyfallSkyfall is where we start A thousand miles and poles apart Where worlds collide and days are dark ADEL’S PROPHETIC SONG AT THE OSCARS  click on the song and listen as you read it sum’s up whats just happened perfectly. The capitalists will sell us the rope on which we hang them, said Vladimir

Group of Emerging Nations Plans to Form Development Bank

A big goal is set by the so-called BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — which seem to have little in common. except for their hatred of the US dollar.

Putin’s Response orders large-scale military exercises in Black Sea


MOSCOW (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin ordered the launch of large-scale Russian military exercises in the Black Sea region on Thursday, his spokesman said, in a move that may create tensions with Russia’s post-Soviet neighbors Ukraine and Georgia.

Putin issued the order to start the previously unannounced maneuvers at 4 a.m. Moscow time (12.00 a.m. EDT) as he flew back from an international summit in South Africa, his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters by telephone.

“These are large-scale unannounced test exercises,” Peskov said, adding that 36 warships and an unspecified number of warplanes would take part. “The main goal is to check the readiness and cohesion of the various units.”

He did not say how long the exercises would last.

Putin has stressed the importance of a strong and agile military since he returned to the presidency last May after four years as prime minister. In 13 years in power, he has often cited external threats when talking of the need for unity in Russia.

Russia’s Black Sea fleet, whose main base is in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol, was instrumental in a war with Georgia in 2008 over the Russian-backed breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Disputes with Kiev over Moscow’s continued lease of the Black Sea navy base have been a thorn in relations with its former Soviet neighbor.

Peskov said that Russia is under no obligation to warn neighbors ahead of time of plans to hold the air and sea military exercises as long as fewer than 7,000 servicemen participated in the maneuvers.


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