Russian Military Warns Of Potential Catastrophic Quake On US West Coast

Russian Ministry of Defence (MOD“urgent bulletin” being sent to all Russian naval forces operating in the Pacific Ocean region is warning that there is a“moderate to high” likelihood of a “significant seismic event” ready to occur on the North American Plate, particularly on the Western coastal regions of The United States, Canada or Mexico.

According to this bulletin, Russian military scientists have become increasingly concerned over the past fortnight of the events occurring with the Arctic Oscillation (AO) which has plunged nearly the entire Northern Hemisphere into harsh cold conditions and which Western scientists are blaming on melting sea ice which, they report, hit a record low this past autumn.

Of greatest concern, this bulletin continues, is the massive anticyclone that has formed over Greenland bringing to our planet the highest barometric pressure ever recorded in human history, and which American scientists warned last year would intensify.

American scientists this past week confirmed their Russian counterparts findings, and as we can read, in part, as reported by the Washington Post News Service in their article titled Record Blocking Patterns Fueling Extreme Weather which says:

“A near-record low value of the Arctic Oscillation– the climate index that measures the difference in relative pressure between the Arctic and mid-latitudes – is partly responsible for the unseasonable chill. Just how low has the AO tanked? The AO index plummeted to -5.6 on Wednesday, a historically low value.

One more remarkable aspect of this major league block: observations over Greenland are threatening to break the worldwide record for highest barometric pressure of 1083.3 mb, set on Dec. 31, 1968 in Siberia.”

Most ominous, however, in this bulletin is its blaming this massive anticyclone for the 20 March earthquake swarm occurring under it on the Reykjanes Ridge portion of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR).

Russian military scientists say in this bulletin that the earthquakes being caused by this massive anticyclone are destabilizing the Eurasian and North American Plates causing a sort of “chain reaction effect” which will ultimately manifest in the rupturing of the Pacific Plate.

As evidence of this potentially catastrophic earthquake event occurring, this bulletin continues, Russian scientists point to the 26 March 5.8 magnitude quake that struck Oaxaca, Mexico, and which they claim “exactly correlates” with their previous findings on the causes and effects of weather pressure induced seismic events.

Virtually unknown to the vast numbers of Westerners are the numerous studies, and their findings, lending credence to Russian research on weather related seismic events, and as we can read as reported by the New York Times News Service in their article titled How Storms Can Trigger Earthquakes which, in part, says:

“Scientists are increasingly pointing to storms as a trigger for earthquakes and mudslides. That’s raising questions about the effects that climate change might have on one of the world’s deadliest natural catastrophes, and to what extent, if any, insurers and governments could be adapting to the interplay between atmosphere and earth.

So far, those answers are as mysterious as the timing of earthquakes, a question that has baffled humans — and killed them — for generations. But recent findings suggest that some linkage exists to increasingly powerful storms.

New evidence shows that atmospheric low pressure systems can prompt the landslide to lurch downward. Pressure drops when warm daytime air results in low “tides,” or when fast-moving storms race onto the scene. The effect on landslides and earthquakes only occurs when the pressure plummets suddenly, causing underground water and air to shoot toward the surface.

That reduces friction between grinding subterranean plates, or under a landslide that’s been held immobile by abrasive dirt and rocks.

“Slides, earthquakes, glaciers, volcanic eruptions — all of these things involve soil sliding on soil, or rock sliding on rock,” explains William Schulz, a research scientist at the U.S. Geological Survey and the author of a study published this month in the journal Nature Geoscience. “And sliding is resisted primarily by one thing, and that’s friction.”

The same conclusion was reached by scientists in Taiwan this June. A study published in the journal Nature described how low pressure accompanying typhoons sparked small earthquakes along the fault between the Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian Plate. The scientists note that they make “a definitive connection between fault slip and changes in atmospheric pressure.”

Importantly, both studies say weather impacts can accelerate an earthly act that was bound to happen sooner or later. In other words, low pressure is not the cause of an earthquake, just the trigger.”

To if this massive and historical anticyclone over Greenland will, indeed, prove to be such a seismic “trigger” the Russian Navy is warning about in this bulletin it is not in our knowing…other than to note that anyone living in such an area should always be prepared for the worst happening in any event.

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4 thoughts on “Russian Military Warns Of Potential Catastrophic Quake On US West Coast

  1. I really HATE to call bull shit on someones story,BUT they all know NIBIRU is approching from the south and many private researchers have been down on the volcanos in the southern hemisphear filming the MINI SOLAR SYSTEM coming up under planet earth,AND it will be passing us in the next TWO MONTHS causing TIDAL WAVES on all coasts,plate shifts,and earthquakes beyond measure,marshal masters at YOW BOOKS,THE SKYVIEW TEAM, and a bunch of others are there watching its arrival,weather does not cause earthquakes or plate shifts and they know it,BUT A LARGE PASSING SPACE BODY WOULD,and everyone had better get ready and leave the coasts before april 15th 2013,or see the biggest TIDAL WAVES ever seen on this planet…………

  2. LISTEN,theres a lot of people in government who know about NIBIRU COMING,and they would love to BLOW THE WHISLE about it,BUT, the commie government in england who runs america,KILLS ANYONE who says anything about nibiru,when the coasts are destroyed,it can’t be stopped,BUT in the mean time they want everyone to keep making their payments,and if they all die,the queen don’t care,NIBIRU-THE PLANET OF THE CROSSING would be a good VIDEO to start with,by skywatch media,NIBIRU,an inconventic planet by boknowsentertainment,marshal masters new video(march 17th) or back to the consitutions ,video about nibiru coming,there must be a hundred videos warning about this MINI SOLAR SYSTEMS arrival,and not many americans care,THEY WILL HERE SHORTLY……………………….

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  4. It is a little bit sketchy. March 20th weather storm? This 3/20 date is a favorite of Satanists. And, they LOVE to start wars and cause death on that date. It is a Satanic unholy day.

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